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Eva Longoria Can’t Not Look Hot, Physically Impossible

Ignoring for the moment the fact that the newly single Eva Longoria is already boffing Penelope Cruz's younger brother, and ignore it we shall, we just can't stop our little stalking affair with the super hot 30-'something Desperate Housewives actress who blows our lower body minds even when she's not trying. We spotted Eva leaving her Beverly Hills hair salon, trying to hide her face as the celebs often do when leaving the salon, sort of like guys caught leaving a strip club, though not sure why the ladies feel the same. We just wanted to stop her and ask her to autograph our bodies in some of the more sensitive parts, but we were cut-off by distance and the questionable etiquette involved in asking a woman to sign your taint with a Magic Marker. So many rules. Enjoy.

Eva Longoria Sexy Visual Gifts at Noble Gift Gala

Let me say this first, I'm a little put off by the fact that Eva Longoria has returned precisely none of my many letters requesting the opportunity to overpopulate the planet with her in these next several years. Though I have always suspected that unexpected paychecks, windfall tax refunds, and naughty letters from super sexy celebrities are among the U.S. mail not being properly forwarded to me since my last move (though the bills seems to keep finding me).

At this past weekend's Noble Gift Gala in Jolly Old, Eva Longoria simply stole the prize for hottest among hotties, the tutto di tutti sextastico, by just standing, smiling, and reminding all of us how fun it is to be a guy. I think it's quite possible that Eva has gotten even hotter since her divorce from Tony Parker earlier this year, in fact, I know it's possible.

You're just now entering your prime, Eva. Please, answer my letters, these babies are not going to make themselves. Enjoy.

Eva Longoria Caught Without Makeup; Still Ridiculously Hot!

We've all been there, I mean, if we're lucky, the next morning view without makeup. It can be a frightening experience, like the chocolate river boat ride in Willy Wonka, but just plain more dreadful and less delicious. One woman who need not worry about her next-morning look -- Eva Longoria. Caught without makeup on the streets of Beverly Hills, the newly sort of single Eva still looks like the girl I'd let marry me for reality show millions. So naturally hot.

Despite the presence of a pack of smokes tucked into her pants, there's something to be said for the freshly washed, sweats and UGG boots on such a simply sextastic woman. Somewhere in her recent past is one very lucky bath towel. Enjoy.

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Eva Longoria As Hot as the Summer Sun in Photoshoot for InStyle

What the heck, let's bookend today with Eva Longoria, seen earlier in form fitting stretchy things baring her body for the TSA X-Ray machine, to this outrageously hot look at Eva Longoria from an InStyle magazine shoot by Michelangelo di Battista snapped over the summer. Talk about somebody you'd like to find swimming in your backyard pool one afternoon. And, of course, she just happens to be single and rich. There's something about that entire package that makes me want to apply for the position of Eva Longoria's sugar baby. Or just tanning oil boy. I'd say yes to either offer. So so caliente, Eva. Enjoy.