Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Nip Slip Provides a Trophy Moment at Golden Globe Awards After-Party

Eva Longoria Nip Slips at Warner Bros InStyle Golden Globes Party in Beverly Hills
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Hmm, there was something exciting to come out of the 2013 Golden Globe Awards after all. No, not Jodie Foster going on worldwide television to 200 million homes to announce that she’d like privacy, but our most eligible bachelorette, the hottie Eva Longoria, flashing her nipple quite accidentally at the Warner Bros. after party. And, we say accidentally, but, of course, none of the best wardrobe malfunctions are intentional (outside of Janet Jackson, natch.).

Ah, when the sextastic ladies of Hollywood get all decked out but forget to cover up a spot or two, then we get very happy. Enjoy.

Eva Longoria Struts Around in Tight Jeans in LA

In Honor of The Hobbit Making Bank, We Bank on Ten Sextastic Hollywood Shorties

Being short is in this week, what with The Hobbit making the Gross National Product of many smaller nations in cash over the weekend worldwide, so we decided to take up our own cause for the shorties, the vertically challenged girls of Hollywood we love and admire and occasionally tug our middle earth’s to, a sign of respect indeed.

Check out Rachel Bilson, Eva Longoria, Hayden Panettiere, and a bunch of diminuitive but excessively hot celebrities in our ode to all that is sweet and petite. Enjoy.

Eva Longoria Puts Her Charitable Hot Arse on Display in Sin City

We do so lust Eva Longoria, one of Hottieville’s most eligible divorcees, the hot tight sultry body, the comely smile, the bags of money in her bank account (hey, lust won’t buy you a sandwich or tickets to the Lakers game).

The sextastic Latina was on formal display over the weekend in Vegas at a cancer fundraising event and slipped into something a little less comfortable, but a little more hot, a booty clinging long white dress, the kind of outfit we imagine Eva wearing as she sits by our side at the high roller $10 blackjack table we like to ride at The Fremont downtown.

Hot women and high rollers. Enjoy.

Damn, Eva Longoria Is Smoking Hot and Ready to Mingle; Check Out Her Elle Magazine Spread

We stick to our unscientific naming convention of calling Eva Longoria one of the most eligible single ladies in all of Hottieville. Yeah, okay, so the 30-something Latina hottie is rumored to be she-banging with various actors and athletes and blue bloods, but that does not dissuade us in the least from making Eva Longoria our sugar mama — a hot, sweet, and cotton candy tasty sugar mama.

In the latest edition of Elle Spain, Eva Longoria shows what she can do even with her clothes on to allure members of the opposite sex (and, more financially impressive, still get herself tons o’ lady fans, go figure. Someday, we will slip a ring on Eva’s finger. Okay, so it won’t be a ring and that won’t be her finger, we still find it just as romantic, in our pursuit of this rich, sextastic, and  still single lady. Enjoy.

Eva Longoria Bare-Arsed Nekkid from Behind ‘Asleep at the Chateau’

Austrian minimalist photographer Jork Weismann has found an incredibly new and interesting way to get girls to take their clothes off for the camera at the Chateau Marmont, shooting them pretending to be asleep (no, not passed out or unconscious, that’s an entirely different set of Chateau Marmont pictures), but just in peaceful slumber.

And, well, it all sounded kind of silly to us until we caught site of Eva Longoria bare-arsed on the bed in the Chateau, like a sleeping Latina beauty with a booty we could just about kill for (I mean, we don’t believe in violence, but to get that dumper in our grasp, we might be willing to do some dirty deeds).

We’ve already proclaimed Eva Longoria to be one of the most eligible single ladies in all of Hottieville; now, we just have to think about crowning her. Enjoy.

Christina Aguilera, Dania Ramirez, and Eva Longoria Drop Latina Heat on Red Carpet of the ALMA Awards

Association of Latino Media Arts. I think that’s right. But might be better just to call it ‘Bring Out the Latina Hotties’ awards as the taping of the TV awards show brought out some wonderfully sultry sights over the weekend, including mainstay sextastic Eva Longoria, who co-hosted the show, Dania Ramirez who we’d like to sail away on a small boat with for about a year and come back with many babies, and even Christina Aguilera, the ultimate up and down girl in Hollywood who put on a strong show for the ALMA Awards.

We often gush about our fondness for Latinas South of the Border, but we can tend to overlook our Hispanic Hotties right here in the U.S. I guess what I’m saying is, fapping starts at home. Enjoy.