Estella Warren

Estella Warren Doubles Down on the Topless Treats


Estella Warren may be a bit of a loose screw, or maybe that's wingnut, but she's still super hot and as long as we can show you her hot body in bits and pieces, especially uncovered bits and pieces, well, let's face it, crazy drops down on the scale of importance.

In additional photos to the previous bits of pictorial we brought you from the current edition of Treats magazine, Estella Warren shows exactly why photographers love to shoot her, why magazines love to feature her, and why we love to seriously ogle the work product. It is a very nice body of work. Enjoy.

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What can be said of the group efforts each week by our Readers to assemble and share some of the finest fineries without much clothes on the web? Well, the words 'awesome' and 'blessed' and 'laudable' come to mind, along with 'raunchtastic' and 'fleshy-funned' and 'pimpalicious', and when you combine the two you have the perfect description of our award-winning weekly Reader Finds, like a holy offering to the gods of the sextastic.

This week's Reader Finds includes Natascha McElhone fully nekkid, Michelle Hunizker sans bikini top, Jennifer Love Hewitt fully plumped out cleavetastic, Emmerdale's Adele Silva missing her bikini top, Alessandra Ambrosio preggo covered topless hot, Alison Haislip outtake heaven, Christina Ricci topless on film, Estella Warren nekkid swimming, Imogen Thomas sextastic tennis, Joanna Krupa bikini slippage, Joanna Lundback black and white and hot all over, Julianna Gill racktastic in Friday the 13th, Katy Perry almost dress fall, and an assortment of some of our fave glamour models going Girl on Girl in a very special pictorial.

It's so many boobs, I dare you to count!

READER FINDS: Sara Jean Underwood Nekkid Yoga, Selena Gomez Nipple Pokes, Kelly Brook Bikini Uber-Hotness, and Much Much More…


Yep, it's my very favorite time of the week, the time when on this 4/20 holiday, much like the weedies that will be joining forces in fields of clover to communally smoke a bowl, we all come to together to collective puff some hotties, courtesy of our more than generous reader contributions.

This week's Reader Finds include Sara Jean Underwood doing nekkid yoga, Selena Gomez with a nipple poke, Kelly Brook in a classically bodacious bikini photoshoot, a double shot of Aussie love with Lauren Vickers nekkid in the Bunny mag and Phoebe Tonkin in a very sexy set of photos, Adriana Lima see-through a decade ago, Ariana Grande almost almost nipple slipping, Rosie Jones most definitely without clothes, a nekkid shot of Lea Seydoux that quite possible actually isn't Lea Seydoux, Estella Warren doing topless advertisements overseas, and Euro-supermodels Hana Jirickov and Dioni Tabbers wicked naughty hotness. It's like an endless bowl of hotness.

Estella Warren Drops Her Top for Treats!


There's two things I'm pretty sure of as it relates to Estella Warren: she's batshit crazy and she's super damn hot. I base the former off some of her recent antics, like getting wasted and trying to punch a cop while in handcuffs, and I base the latter off of leering at her for the past ten years in various stages of little clothing. And, now, topless, in her mini-pictorial for the Spring edition of our fast-becoming beloved Treats! magazine.

To repeat, batshit crazy, but super hot. Not such a novel combination really as I believe the Venn Diagram circles for sextastic supermodels and super nutso just about line up perfectly. It's the price you pay for beauty, or wanting to touch it for reals. Enjoy.

Estella Warren Sweats the Crazy Right Out of Her

It was a long hot crazy summer for Estella Warren and her cop-punching ways, but now she seems quite determined to get back to the old-school straight up hot-body and mind days with her new extensive workouts she likes to publicly promote along the mighty Pacific. The former Cannuckian synchronized swimmer flashed her fit to be ogled form in a shorts and a tank top as she stretched and sweated her way long the SoCal bikeways, reminding us a good bit of why we ever first fell in lust with her.

Keep up the good work, Estella; and, for great work, remember, the road to recovery is best traveled whilst going commando. Enjoy.

Estella Warren Works Out the Kinks With Some Sexy Workout Moves

Fresh off some eradicate behavior drunk and behind the wheel and doing some no-no rock 'em sock 'em type moves with a police officer, all of which I think gets you celebrity jail for zero hours (or six months for the common man), Estella Warren seems to be getting her formerly wicked hot and clean self back into bootylicious condition, with some hard workouts in Santa Monica, and, more importantly, in some little shorts and a tank top.

Estella Warren still has a way to make it back into lawful society, lucky for her, sexy blonde women catch some breaks here and there. Enjoy.

Estella Warren Drunken Rampage (And, Estella Warren in Better Times)


According to our nose-to-the-news friends at TMZ, actress and hottie model Estella Warren took a very wrong legal turn last night in L.A. when she got busted for DUI, arrested, kicked a cop, then broke free of her handcuffs for a short-lived escape. Not good, Estella. This is definitely going to go down on your permanent record.

At Egotastic!, we prefer to look on the happier sad of even these uneasy situations, and, by happier, we of course mean what makes us happy, which is hot sexy celebrity skin, in the case of Estella Warren, a look back at her classic photoshoot for Ice magazine right about the time we first noticed her in the Marky Mark version of Planet of the Apes. Let's help turn this negative into a positive with a good bit of committed ogling of Estella Warren and her ridiculously hot body, shall we. Enjoy.