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Erin Wasson Topless Pictures For The Hot Skinny Model Skin Show Win

Erin Wasson Topless in Zink Magazine Summer 2012
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We first kind of discovered, or uncovered Erin Wasson this past January when she wore hardly any clothes to the Golden Globe Awards red carpet and caused quite the pearl clutching sensation. Since then, we ever await her follow-up topless appearances and modeling pictorials that feature just a bit more of her slender form without clothes, obliged most recently by the good folks at Zink magazine who have seen fit to present the hot model in her gloriously topless form in their Summer 2012 edition.

Not that we don’t appreciate an attractive woman with her clothes on, you know, just a little bit more when the fashion comes off the fashion models. Enjoy.

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Erin Wasson Topless Hot in Jalouse Magazine

Erin Wasson Topless in Jalouse Magazine
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Since we posted photos of American model and fashion designer herself, Erin Wasson, in her barely there post Golden Globe party dress, oh,how we received letters asking for more. We never know quite what to do with these letters, I mean, we already have begging letters out to every hot celebrity making our charitable case why they should be sending us nekkid photos of themselves, so we’re already always trying. 

But, thanks to the good folks at Jalouse magazine, one of our favorite Frenchy periodicals, we can now see a bit more of the alluring Erin than even we ogled the other evening, and, well, it’s a sight for sore eyes (and other sore parts). I have a sneaking suspicion we’re going to be seeing much more of Erin on Egotastic!, just feel it in the gut. Enjoy.

Victoria Justice, Erin Wasson, and Miranda Kerr Standouts at InStyle Golden Globes After Party

The after parties are where it all happens. Where the sexy celebrities with acting chops who get to attend the awards get to meet the sexy celebrities who don’t have so much of the talking and speaking and emoting talent and we pretend they’re all equals, because in the eyes of Egotastic!, if they’re hot, they truly are.

In addition to the Golden Globe Awards hotness of Jessica Alba, Emma Stone, and Maria Menounos, the Instyle party featured noteworthy ogling opportunity contributions from always hot Miranda Kerr in a push-up top, Victoria Justice who makes our mouth water with the devil’s drool, Erin Wasson, a fashion model and dress designer who designed herself one wicked hot outfit, Kaley Cuoco, bubbly princess hottie, and Billionaire Barbie (yeah, I know, we almost included Nicky Hilton too, but her net negative personality sucked the thrill out of us like a wet sponge). 

And, while the Instyle Party was the place to be in L.A. last night, I’d like to give a shoutout to my poda-masseuse, Gagne Soo, who showed up at my Golden Globes viewing party with three BBWs who plowed through my crudités platter in less than seven minutes. It was like watching a NatGeo sweeps week ‘Attack of the…’ program. Enjoy.

Daria Werbowy and Lara Stone Nude in Industrie Magazine, and in Bikinis for H&M


Daria Werbowy and Lara Stone will appear nude in the first issue of Industrie magazine in an article entitled “How to Look Good Naked.” I think the answer is to be a crazy hot Supermodel. So far, though, we’ve only got the Daria Werbowy nude pictures on hand. However, she does do full frontal nudity, so that should tide us over until we get the Lara Stone nude pictures we really want. The shots were done by Patrick Demarchelier who also shot these Daria Werbowy and Lara Stone bikini pictures for H&M, so I think they probably did both shoots at the same time (hence this sort of mashup post). Also appearing in the H&M bikini pictures us Supermodel Erin Wasson, and a couple other hotties I don’t recognize.

And speaking of Patrick Demarchelier. I could think of worse people to be like. He’s an awesome photographer, plus he gets paid tons of money to take pictures of the most beautiful women in the world in bikinis or less. Yeah, it must suck to be him… Stay tuned for the Lara Stone nude pictures. When we get em, you’ll get em.

Erin Wasson Topless for H&M?


American model, Erin Wasson, was in St. Barths for an H&M photoshoot, which for some reason involved stripping down to her underwear and running topless in the ocean. Now, I really have absolutely no problem with seeing Erin Wasson topless, but what the hell is going on with H&M? Are they starting some new kinky line of see-through underwear, or just going with full on topless models to sell their inexpensive, yet fashionable clothes? Because I could get used to that.

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