Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum, Mary Louise Parker, and Helen Hunt, Yep, All Nekkid In This Week’s Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)


Okay, so maybe it is back to 80 and sunny here on the Left Coast, but the fact remains, there’s no temperature for which some serious visuals of our very favorite veteran hotties on the little or big screen becomes less desirable. I mean, let’s be real, the chance of me seeing Emmy Awesome completely nekkid in person, well, maybe after I win the Lottery, twice, get struck by lightning, and survive, and the Chiefs win the Super Bowl. Yes, very long odds. But on film, well, anything is not only possible, it’s all available at your fingertips.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute features the aforementioned Emmy Awesome, not nekkid in Beautiful Creatures out in theaters, but quite exhibitionist in several episodes of the amazing Shameless, Helen Hunt flashing her veteran worked out body, full body and bush, in The Sessions, out on Blu-Ray this week, and also out on disc, Season 8 of Weeds, featuring yet another epic full body flash from our belusted MILFy herb smoking hottie, Mary Louise Parker. Some of the titans of our fantasies past and present, all together herein, and wearing no clothes. Enjoy.

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Why Is This Photo of Emmy Rossum on VH-1 Morning Buzz Making Me Crazy?

Maybe it’s the elongated furry creature on a mission in front of her face, maybe it’s the way Emmy Awesome has her mouth agape in excited anticipation, or maybe it’s just sick mind on the part of Egotastic!, but this photo of Emmy from yesterday morning’s VH-1 Morning Buzz is just killing me.

Anything Emmy, ever so hot.

Emmy Rossum, Gemma Arterton and Tanit Phoenix Drop Top For This Week’s Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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Whoever said it never rains in Southern California (a song penned by a British dude, actually, which makes sense) clearly hasn’t been paying attention to the veritable deluge Hollywood has been experiencing this week, with nearly half an inch of rain reported and intermittent drizzle bringing the city to a traffic halt. In any event, with climate conditions akin to the never-happened end of times Mayan Apocalypse, I’m looking for a few good skin-filled movies to watch on the home theater (a.k.a. my 19 inch Trinitron with internal speaker) and thanks to our friends at Mr. Skin, I have a pretty good working list.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Gemma Arterton not nekkid in Hansel & Gretel but topless in The Disappearance of Alice Creed, Tanit Phoenix nekkd in Death Race 4, and the glorious Emmy Awesome flashing her frontal cans in Season 3 of Shameless. Now, I’ve seen that last one 178 times now, but the first two I think are definite rent/buys. Enjoy.

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Emmy Rossum Awesome and Topless In This Week’s Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Emmy Rossum Topless Shower Scene in Shameless
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Oh, happy days when one of our favorite shows on television, Shameless, sees fit to grant us more shots of Emmy Awesome topless even if but for a few seconds of gloriously lust-crush filled full frontal boobtastic views. We dig our cute hottie TV stars, but the very very few who take their tops off on the boob tube for our ogling pleasure — goddesses! And Emmy Rossum fits that bill to a tee.

Check out this week’s Boob Tube Roundup for Emmy, and also a hot making of the sexy scene from Lili Simmons, newcomer to our landscape, featured in the new Cinemax thriller series, Banshee. It’s quite off the charts. Enjoy.

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Emmy Rossum Shows Off Her Hot Self in (Airbrushed) Lady’s Magazine (Still Hot!)

Emmy Rossum Looks Hot in Self Magazine February 2013
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A little trade secret here. The women’s magazine airbrush the shizz out of their celebrity photos even more than the men’s magazines do. Apparently, men are a bit more accepting of tiny flaws than the ladies when leering at their favorite celebs. Score one for the dudes!

Emmy Awesome makes an appearance in this month’s Self magazine, a newsstand classic perusal while I wait in the grocery store line to purchase my bottle of plastic-bottled tequila behind a customer paying with an out-of-state crumpled and slightly moist check. And, yes, the fools airbrushed the shizz out of the mighty hot Emmy, truly one of our thespianic favorites, but there’s still no stopping Awesome good looks from shining through. And Emmy just has it going on in spades these days. Enjoy.

Emmy Rossum and Shanola Hampton, Kristen Bell, Kick off the Boob Tube Roundup for 2013 (VIDEO)

Emmy Rossum in Her Panties on Shameless
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It’s back. Showtime and some of their epic shows have returned with a vengeance in Lucky ’13, including one of our favorite shows on the boob tube, Shameless, and not just because we get to routinely see the gloriously hot Emmy Rossum often-nekkid and the boobtastic Shanola Hampton routinely baring her well-endowed form. It’s a great show, with great skin-filled visuals — how many of those are on TV? Not many.

Now, you throw in Kristen Bell flashing a little bra in House of Lies, and a little bra is all you may get from the delicious Kristen Bell, but still worthwhile, and suddenly you have a must see Boob Tube Roundup. Enjoy.

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READER FINDS: Rosario Dawson Nip Slip, Audrey Tautou Topless, Kelly Brook Topless, and Much Much More…

Emmy Rossum Looking Sextastic in Photoshoot for Modern Luxury
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Just as we turn the pages on another year, so too do we turn the page on 52 more editions of our very favorite weekly skin-filled adventure known as Reader Finds. That weekly communal gathering of voyeurs, pervs, oglers, gawkers, fanboys, and aficionados of all things sextastic that we like to call our readership that is nothing short of breathtaking in its social consciousness. It sure beats a potluck or company picnic.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Rosario Dawson nipple slipping in Fire with Fire (thanks to EgoReader ‘Junirods’), delicious model pics of T-Mobile girl Carly Foulkes (courtesy of regular ‘Joey G.’), Audrey Tautou topless in Princess and Emmnauelle Beart equally nekkid onscreen (blessings to ‘Frank L.’), inimitable ginger hottie Lucy Collett quite nekkid (contributed by fantastical ‘Kevin’), Kelly Brook topless and wicked hot (big ups to EgoReader ‘Jeff’), Selena Gomez in little cutie shorts on set (kudos to ‘Darren’ for this find), Emmy Rossum sexy hot for Modern Luxury magazine, Kelly Brook wicked damn hot in Barnaby Wilshier photoshoot (a million thanks to ‘Eva’), Nathalie Hayashi quite topless, quite delicious (lent from the sextastic library by ‘Ethan’), model Carla Osso ridiculously alluring in lingerie (contributed by ‘Owen’), Rhian Sugden topless for Frank White (peaches produced by ‘Devon’), Kelly Andrews, Danica Thrall, and Sophie Howard playing together without clothes (oh, my my by ‘Eric’), and India Reynolds topless in still lingerie Christmas awesomeness (thank you kindly to ‘Rick D.’) Now that is a mouthful. Enjoy.