Emma Watson

Emma Watson Scorching Hot as a a Natural Beauty!

Wow, say hello to my favorite new Emma Watson photos ever!

James Houston shot these for the Natural Beauty exhibit going round the country for Earth Day or something similarly environmentally conscious next month. Emma joined a cast of other models shot in these artsy, but red wicked hot and hardly dressed photos of her ridiculously sextastic self to promote peace, love, and recycling. While the intention might be to make the planet more green, right now my twin globes are turning blue (yes, that’s a poorly worded sexual reference).

Anybody who’s yet to have a mad passionate longing for Emma Watson, the grown up girl from Harry Potter, now would be a good time to get started. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift Cleavage Peek Steals the People’s Choice Awards

Wow, Swifty, good show my girl.

Fresh off the heels of her latest, greatest, and most chaste boyfriend breakup with some dude I’ve never heard of though he’s in a band, Taylor Swift decided, what the heck, lets make lemonade out of lemons by dressing all grow’d up and flashing her own pair of personal fruits on the red carpet of the People’s Choice Awards last night. Now, I’m still not quite clear what the hell the People’s Choice Award are, but they hold them every year in early January, they kick off the ‘Hey, I’m Awesome’ celebrity self-fapitation award season, and by the looks of the winners, I’d say the ‘People’ in question are young teenage girls. But, deal with it, those girls run America.

And they brought us Taylor Swift looking hotter than ever before, along with Kaley Cuoco, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Watson, and Lea Michele, all decked out for the crimson strut past the photographers. Maybe next year we’ll finally take a moment to figure out what this awards show is, this year we’re just going to leer at Taylor’s ta-tas. Enjoy.

Emma Watson Killer Looks in Marie Claire Remind Us of Our Hermione Dreams

Who knows what the future holds, for next week, let alone the rest of Lucky ’13, but we are quite assured that we will not soon lose our lust for anything and all things Emma Watson, who appears in this month’s Marie Claire magazine looking far too proper, but way too hot to ignore.

Ever since it was way too unsettling to say aloud, we’ve had a thing for the British thespianic and her tender but surly Hermione ways, which has only blossomed, as Emma has blossomed into young woman, even shearing off her lovely locks hasn’t done much to slow what is assuredly pure and mostly indecent lust. It is the universe’s most powerful force. Enjoy.

Emma Watson Pasties Deny Us the Glorious Views We Deserve!

Oh, sad and tragic days, when the pasties, the dreaded pasties, block our view of potential nippletastic goodness from our belusted Emma Watson.

At last night’s Los Angeles premiere of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, the delicious bit of British sunshine, Emma Watson hit the red carpet in a daring dress top that from afar we spotted as a perfect opportunity for a wardrobe malfunction derived view of the beautiful chest of Ms. Watson, and when the dress began to slip and we saw no nip, we knew something was amiss. Damn you pasties, damn you straight to hell!

MTV Video Music Awards Manages to Pull in Hotties Like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry

I’m still not exactly sure what MTV has to do with music, I think the last music video they played was back in ’97, and the last time they were considered the tastemakers in pop music was about ’92, but, god bless ‘em, they keep putting on their music video award shows and the favorite music artist of young teens everywhere keep on showing up. That latter part means we have to cover it, because they do still bring out the hotties once a year.

This year’s crop of the PG-rated best at the MTV Video Music Awards included Taylor Swift, who stole the show quite a bit in her musical performance, and on the red carpet, Katy Cocktease, Alicia Keys, Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna.  I’ll say this for MTV, those are some big gets. Can’t say I own any of their albums, but I do own thoughts of each of them being naughty in the back of my Corolla at the drive-in movie theater that shut down eleven years ago, kind of like MTV itself. Enjoy.

Emma Watson Looks Gorgeous at the ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ in NYC

Emma Watson Way Too Dressed Up (But Still Super Hot and Cleavy) for Glamour Magazine

We saw the behind the scenes from this photoshoot earlier this week (always more fun), now, the final result of all that hard work and wardrobe changes we truly wished we’d been able to peep, Emma Watson on the cover of Glamour magazine for October.

We have a special obsession for the minxy British thespianic, ever since the first Harry Potter movie, when our love was so forbidden until the last when we were desperately searching for any signs of screen cap skin, we’ve imagined this sweet hot young woman manually maneuvering our wands. I can’t imagine our lust ever waning, even when she’s wearing way too many clothes. Enjoy.