Emma Watson

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Alice Eve, Daisy Lowe, Emma Watson, Lead List of Hotties at Brit GQ Men of the Year Awards

I guess it’s Men of the Year because there are just too many good men in England to name just one guy the best. Naturally, I expect to win that award when it’s handed out in the U.S, I mean, if GQ would finally admit that torn jeans and an AC/DC concert t-shirt are the height of fashion. Regardless, the entire evening in honoring the men is really about bringing out the hot women, as GQ always does, including belusted hotties Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Alice Eve, Emma Watson, and Daisy Lowe, to name a few funny talking sextastic ladies.

Someday, I’ll have girls of this caliber all decked out and drinking martinis at one of my swank backyard soirees. Just as soon as I get a backyard. Or figure out what soiree means. Enjoy.

Emma Watson Hot in Teen Vogue August 2013

Emma Watson Dolls Up Something Booty Sweet for ‘Bling Ring’ at Cannes

Emma Watson really has become a show stealer at big events. Forget the cute Hermione, this is all grown up Emma Watson, a young woman booty flashing, red carpet winning, and promoting the shizz out of her all grown up movie, Bling Ring, at the Cannes Film Festival. And, yes, that is Emma Watson booty.

As you know, I’m boycotting the Cannes Film Festival until the City of Cannes retracts their obscenely uncalled for charges against my obscene public behavior. Or, until I get an invite to the Festival, whichever comes first. But one thing I shall never protest is the lust of all things Emma Watson, who continues to grow into a fully blossomed, sextastic leading lady. Enjoy.

Emma Watson All Grown Up and Ready to She-Dazzle in W

Emma Watson sure did grow up fast. I feel like I’ve been watching her closely ever since, well, ever since it wasn’t really socially correct to admit to such a following. But at some point over the past year or so she started doing all this grown up modeling and posing and styling and while it’s clearly way too much clothing involved, it’s really pretty damn hot.

Her latest foray into the grown up world of modeling features a highly done up Emma Watson in W magazine. Evoking all sorts of images of glamorous ladies of the past, not to mention a future fifteen minutes of fun I’d love to experience with Emma. Granted, ten of those minutes would be spent trying to undo her fancy frock, but five minutes is more than enough time to repeat the phrase ‘Oh, Emma, I’ve wanted you too for so long.’ Enjoy.

Emma Watson Hot Shoot for GQ Magazine UK May 2013

Happy Birthday to Emma Watson, Let’s Look at Hot Peekaboo Pics of Emma

Well, it seems like our belusted former-Hermione has been around forever, but truly the gloriously hot Emma Watson turns but a mere 23 years old today. Hard to imagine, but it allows us to use our math brain to publicly state that we’ve only been ogling Emma officially for five years as of today.

Based on her role in Bling Ring and other more grown up roles coming down the line, we predict great things for Emma Watson in the near future. Well, at least great things for us to see. She really is one of our favorites. Happy Birthday.

J-Woww’s Boobs Try to Save MTV Movie Awards

I actually had fun a couple years back now at the MTV Movie Awards with our friend Tila Tequila. The show had already dropped to unwatchable standards at that point, but it was at least fun. Now, everybody who appeared at the show looked like they had been kidnapped and forced to dress up and smile and talk about how much they love so-and-so from some craptastic MTV reality show (assuming so-and-so is still alive, or not in jail).

J-Woww brought her puppies out to play, and they tried to save the evening from the ensuing debacle, but even they along with the hottie likes of Emma Watson, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande could not save the ev evening. The ultimate dilemma for Egotastic! is a sextastic hot teacher stripping off her clothes whilst scratching her nails down a chalkboard. MTV is now way too much chalkboard. Enjoy.