Emma Greenwell

The Return of Emma Greenwell Topless and Jemima Kirke Bare Booty Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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There was a fine bunch of flesh this past week on the little screen. Not quite as much as when all the Amazon pilots broke last week, but a long awaited return of Emma Greenwell tubes to the Boob Tube Roundup is nothing to sneeze at. Mostly just drool.

Along with Emma we saw Jemima Kirke flashing her bare botton on Girls, Lise Slabbe going full frontal nekkid on Black Sails along with a little make-out session from Jessica Parker Kennedy, and Odette Annable in an all too brief tank top and panties scene in Banshee. We should be so lucky if those clothes come off. It’s big times on the smaller screen, where nekkidness has found a much needed home. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Banshee/Shameless/BlackSails/Girls

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Emmy Rossum Flashing Her Bare Udders and Jessica Parker Kennedy Flashing Her Bare Muffin Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO

Jessica Parker Kennedy and Hannah New Topless in Black Sails
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What a wonderfully nice and delightful week it was for skin on the little tube. The boob tube wherein we see more precious celebrity skin than is generally available in any mainstream theatrical fare these days. Yes, it’s all happening in the living rooms these days, and the skin and the quality of the shows just keeps on exceeding expectations. What a pleasant surprise.

This week’s Boob Tube Roundup includes a brief, but sweet peek at the bare boobtastic of Emmy Awesome in Shameless, her counterpart Emma Greenwell being far less shy about showing off her nekkid form in wild bedroom scenes, Lili Simmons in another epic grunting nekkid scene in Banshee, and Jessica Parker Kennedy tempting a topless Hannah New with her bare lady nest in Black Sails. Quite the well-rounded offering of thespianic skin this week. This is really the best kind of drama. Thank you artists for your craft. Enjoy.

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The Return of Game of Thrones Topless Goodness and Maggie Grace in Panties Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Maggie Grace in Sexy Panties for Californication
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Oh, welcome back GOT. Welcome back. While at the end of last week we celebrated all the gurgling blood letting we love so much in the show, it truly is the second best part of the sword-play drama, with first being far away the hot topless thespianics of the show. So why not kick off Season Three of Game of Thrones with a topless Elisa Lasowski getting naughty.

Add to that Maggie Grace in her undies in Californication, Kristen Bell sideboob in House of Lies (albeit, almost positive this is a body double for the preggo Kristen), Jennifer Love Hewitt massive cleavetastic, Emma Greenwell once again flashing her sweet tatas on Shameless, and newcomer Tatiana Maslany getting it on Canadian style in the premiere of Orphan Black on BBC America, and you have the makings of a very most excellent Boob Tube Roundup. Enjoy.

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Elizabeth Masucci Drops Serious American Skin, Anna Hutchison Gets Seriously Shtupped in This Week’s Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Masucci Topless in The Americans
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And the hits just keep on coming. And, by hits, we mostly mean something that rhymes with hits and can be seen in some shape or form on the small screen most every week, and captured for your summary perusal in a little something we like to call the Boob Tube Roundup, serving you since 1954.

This week’s BTR includes some serious basic cable skin courtesy of Elizabeth Masucci in F/X’s The Americans, a whole lot more than we’ve ever seen on basic, which is a good thing. Jennifer Love Hewitt in yet another cleavy costume on The Client List, a very brief bit of Emma Greenwell topless in Shameless, and former Power Ranger Anna Hutchison getting it on big time in Sparatacus; War o the Damned. I dare you to find this kind of skin in the movie theaters, not counting the ones where they have raids (and not currently counting Spring Breakers). Enjoy.

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Shiri Appleby Topless Again! Jennifer Love Hewitt Cleavetastc and Dawn Olivieri Topless Headline the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Emmy Rossum Bra and Panties Scene in Shameless
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Wow and double wow. Thank you controversial and often difficult for a man to watch TV show Girls for bringing us a second dose of the fanboy faptastic Shiri Appleby topless for another week. Whatever else you do on that show to drive away male viewers, you compensate for with gems such as Shiri.

Adding to a stellar Boob Tube Roundup is sextastic Dawn Olivieri topless finally again in House of Lies, Jennifer Love Hewitt flashing her cleavage big time on The Client List, Emmy Rossum doing her underwear skinny hot body thing on Shameless, Shanola Hampton and Emma Greenwell flashing their ta-ta’s on the same show. And more hot bodied topless goodness from Spartacus, War of the Damned. It’s all good. It’s all very good.

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Boob Tube Roundup Includes Weronika Rosati Topless in ‘Luck’ and Jessica Pare in Naughty Bra and Panties for ‘Mad Men’ Season Premiere (VIDEO)

Jessica Paré Black Underwear in Mad Men
Jessica Pare Sexy in 'Mad Men'

As the weather gets warmer, so do the temperatures rise on our favorite sextastic cable television shows, with this past weekend offering up a bevy of boobtastic wonderful courtesy of these just-for-the-grownups small screen gems.

This week’s boob tube roundup includes a bittersweet hello and goodbye to the equine misfortune that was HBO’s short-lived Luck, with topless beauty Weronika Rosati, a memorable season premiere of Mad Men featuring Jessica Pare being as naughty as one can be on basica cable, Anna Wood toples in House of Lies, returned after a brief hiatus, and a bunch of other must-see small screen skinematic clips from that little box that gives us so much hotness these days. Enjoy.

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