Emma Glover

Emma Glover Topless Secretarial Naughty Goodness


I've never really had a secretary before. I once had a man servant named Steven but it was short lived once I realized that Steven was borrowing my Chuck Taylor Converse All-Star to dress his oversized dog for animal costume shows. That was explicitly one of five deal breakers I gave Steven before he came into the position, so I had to let him go. If I were to take on another personal assistant, I'm tempted next time to go in the direction of Emma Glover as my very naughty secretary.

I'm not sure if she can type or file or manage and office, and, quite frankly, I don't care. Certainly, I will be investigated by the laborious folks at the Labor Department about my hiring practices, as I should be. But when the dust is settled, the appropriate bribes have been paid to make the government workers go away, all that will be left is myself and Emma Glover, taking dictation, straight from the dictation machine. Enjoy.

Emma Glover Topless in Her Living Room Helps the Brits Ease the Pain of Colonial Loss


Editor's note: some or all of the media previously associated with this post has been modified or removed.

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While we here in the U.S. are celebrating our Independence from England, eating hot dogs, drinking beer, hitting on women we will regret on the 5th, let's not forget that for every victor in battle, there is also those who have not fared so well.

Today, on the 4th of July here in America, I think of our now British friends who do not look quite as fondly upon our Declaration. I especially think of my British friends who look like Emma Glover, stripping down to her skivvies in a topless show nonpareil in her own living room. It's quite a thing. I'm not suggesting that had the British Army replaced the Redcoats with bodacious bodied women like Emma Glover that they would have held their American colonies, but it certainly would have made for a much more ribald conflict.

None of the above makes much sense really. Just check out the ridiculously sextastic Emma Glover and be happy we are one in jugs with our friends across the pond. Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags! Emma Glover Topless Kitchen Treats Will Give You Quite an Appetite


When I think of summer, I think of boobs. Big bold and beautiful knockers. I guess that association pretty much holds true for anything I think of, but especially in warm weather months I'm imagining boouncy flouncy boobtastic everywhere I look. Even in the kitchen. Where we find the extra delicious Emma Glover and her outrageously hot treats just staring right back at us.

I'm not sure everything Emma Glover is doing in the kitchen is up to health department snuff, but I'd surely still give her an 'A' rating were I the passing inspector. I can be easily bought. I wouldn't even need to lay out the terms, though it would surely involve a spatula and a meat thermometer. I know that doesn't make any sense. It's Friday and we're checking out sweet ripe melons. Just go with it. Thank God It's Funbags!

Emma Glover Slips Her Nips for Zip


Okay, technical, the delightfully hot Emma Glover is showing off far more than just nips in the current edition of Zip magazine, but far better to underpromise and overdeliver I always say. Well, my dad used to always say that, though he really only achieved the underpromising part. I'm taking it full circle, with the robust body circles of Emma Glover, a girl who if I ruled the world, would be strictly verboten from every putting on a top, public or private.

Sadly, I do not rule the world, yet, so we'll have to limit our ogling venue to the online perusal of Emma's playfully pert pair. But these limitations really aren't too shabby. Enjoy.

Emma Glover Topless Outtakes Roundly Ring In Ta-Ta-Tuesdays


Oh, the spectacle that is the faptastic funbags of Emma Glover. We could easily camp a fortnight or eon betwixt the firm but cushiony globes sprouting from the delicious chest of this sextastic brunette glamour model.

For Ta-Ta-Tuesday we are more than fortunate for the release of outtakes, those blessedly overlooked and unpublished sweet photos, from Emma's recent Nuts magazine 'Rude' photoshoot. It's like finding a soft landing spot for your heart, and other fine organs, and realizing that no matter the strife in this world or your life, there will always be mama's bosom to come home to. At least, here on Egotastic! five to nine days a week. Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags! Emma Glover Drops Her Top for Beautiful Topless Reveal


A young boy once asked a wise man which he preferred, Fridays or Funbags. The wise man replied 'In that choice, there is no choice.' While the young boy was interpreting the sagely advice, the wise man kicked him in his pre-pubescent nut sack and ran.

I was that young boy. And in that painful moment that I carry forward to this very day, did conceive T.G.I.F., a combination of perhaps the two greatest things in life, the end of the week of school or work or supervised community service and the precious, milky melons placed on the chests of beautiful women by Mother Nature herself as her greatest gift to man-kind.

This week we celebrate T.G.I.F. with brunette model-babe Emma Glover in her brand new Zoo pictorial. Emma is hot and alluring and topless all over, and the perfect image to kick us off into 48-hours of extreme debauchery and intermittent bouts of public urination. I recommend you do the same. Enjoy.

Holly Peers and Friends Topless Outtakes Mean the Olympics Will Never Truly End, Not on Ta-Ta-Tuesday They Won’t


I remember some French type dude from the IOC once saying that the Olympic Games are not merely a once every four year athletic event, but, rather, an ideal and spirit of competition and cooperation that continues daily, every day. Truly inspiring. But not nearly inspiring as our friends at Nuts magazine who have released outtakes from their truly gold-medal worthy pictorial of the Boob Olympics featuring Holly Peers and Leah Francis and Emma Glover and Lucy Collett, a sweat-inducing event that we truly do hope continues daily in our lives, in the spirit of fapitation.

Let the games continue! Enjoy.