Emma Frain

Emma Frain Topless Beach Pictures Beat Your Labor Day Meat Tales

Emma Frain Smoking Hot Beach Topless Photoshoot
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For all the backyard heroics of the day, and even my own Egotastic! pork butt slow-smoking to perfection recipe for holidays such as today, none of us will match the awe inspiring flesh-to-perfection treats of supremely hot Emma Frain removing her bikini top on the beach to let the Sun have a little solar fapping time as it touches her tan sweet body in places most men will only ever dare to dream.

Every day can be a beach. But only certain days can be an uber-sextastic Emma Frain topless beach day. Like, today. Enjoy.

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Emma Frain Topless Lingerie Pictures Are Absolutely Guaranteed to Make You Say ‘Wow!’


That’s a money back guarantee too.

It’s the middle of the week, the humpday of the work time calendar, the day we trudge about our toil, linger about our longing to be elsewhere, and pretend not to be paying more attention to the clock than to the vital, urgent, earth-shattering work load upon which we look with nothing but dismay on Wednesdays especially. But, tally ho and sally forth, for what hotness in yonder window lies? Why, it’s Emma Frain, just ridiculously hot and all kinds of topless, to bring a smile to your day and a woodie to your heart, or something like that.

In her new pictorial, Emma Frain does what almost no woman on Egotastic! has done for at least the last half-hour, make me just sit and stare with utter and total catatonic delight. Where are these ridiculously hot women being made and how do I get a factory tour ASAP? Emma Frain not only busts your nut, she picks, roasts, packs, and ships your nuts, by sheer force of hotness. It’s, well, it’s… ‘wow’. Enjoy.

Credit: emma-frain.co.uk

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Rosie Jones, Elle Basey, Emma Frain, and Emma Glover Bare Their Bodies for Boudouir Bawdiness

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When our friends at Nuts mentioned they had a Babes in Bed photoshoot concept we were hooked, even before we knew those babes would be the level 11 hotness likes of Rosie Jones, Elle Basey, Emma Frain, and Emma Glover. Just a foursome of young Hall of Fame funbaggery. A veritable melon stand of fruity global goodness. A pound full of flesh puppies. And a spectacle of chesticles. Really, simple downright awesomeness.

There is absolutely zero chance I ever lose this mental image of Rosie, Elle, Emma, and Emma laying bare-buttockal like across the bed. This visual tattoo can not be laser removal’ed. Enjoy.

Emma Frain Topless Glorious Delicious in Zoo Pictorial

Thank God It's Funbags (TGIF)

When our friends across the pond at Zoo magazine run a ‘sex issue’, we’re going to pay attention. I mean, we pay attention to all their fine Brit boobery, but fot the sex issue, we’re going to be eyes wide open, because we most definitely have sex issues.

As in, we find ourselves incessantly infatuated with sextastic celebrity bare funbags, which, thankfully the good folks at Zoo have included in their issue courtesy of the ridiculously hot Emma Frain giving some type of anatomical lessons, both on the board, and, below the board, in an image of school as I always imagined it could be in a perfect world. Enjoy.

And be sure to check out Emma Frain’s Topless Video on ZooToday.com

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Lacey Banghard vs. Emma Frain in an Outtakes Battle of Twin Epic Proportions


During the hump of the week, the mind tends to wander to similarly desirable pursuits and the magnificent splendor of the female form, today constituted in the dual forms of dual Britty glamour models, Lacey Banghard and Emma Frain, both of whom have some serious outtakes released from their recent Nuts photoshoots, and, outtakes being inevitably awesome, this shapes up to be a battle of epic funbag proportions.

As always, there are no losers in our battles, just winners among the species for whom the eyeballs are connected directly to three outlets: libido, smiles, and a third place whose name I dare not speak. The point is… okay, who are we kidding? We just wanted to share some ridiculously hot outtakes. Enjoy.

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Nothing Says Christmas Quite Like Hot Topless Glamour Models

Sophie Reade, Rosie Jones and the Other Girls in the Nuts Christmas Photoshoot
You Know It's Warm Inside

Simply put, our good friends at Nuts magazine are determined to win our Spirit of Giving Award this Christmas season. Nobody understands better that funbags and fun family times go together than these British lads who have compiled yet another wondrous Yuletide spread of some of the finest flesh puppies on their hottest celeb models, India Reynolds, Holly Peers, Rosie Jones, Sophie Reade, and Emma Frain. It’s pretty much the names I’d give my reindeer if my reindeer were super hot and I imagined coital relations with them ever seven seconds of every waking hour of my life as I do with these girls.

These sextastic models could make the the Gingerbread man blow out a couple buttons. Enjoy.

Emma Frain Topless Striptease To Remind Us To Be Thankful of Curves (VIDEO)


Oh, it’d be easy today of all days to proclaim our gratitude for amazing fun bags, and, trust me, we light a candle and slaughter a sacrificial lamb (we used to use virgins, til we ran out of them in Hollywood) daily in thanks to delicious D-cups, but today we honor curves and the women who flaunt them. Take your skinny-as-a-rail thespianics (although some of them are quite hot), we’ll take the sexy celebrities with a little meat on their yummy bones. Gorgeous glamour model Emma Frain not only sports the melons of an Olympian goddess, but packs on just the right amount of flesh in just the right places so even in the pitch dark and even before you rounded first base, you could be 100% certain you were being blessed with the magical presence of a woman.

Rock on, Emma. Aces with the curves. Enjoy.

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