Emma Frain

Emma Frain Topless Cozy Sweater and Stocking Wonderments Help Us Appreciate Winter (VIDEO)

Emma Frain Gets Cozy in Topless Screencaps
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It’s a big nippy outside, but inside, it’s the perfect season for admiring the nips, and glorious parts attached thereto, of some of our favorite glamour models getting all kinds of fluffy sweater warm during this frigid January. Sweet sextastic lovelies such as Emma Frain, who we believe to be one of the most warm-feeling inducing women on this planet, with the magical talent of becoming even hotter as she removes her winter clothing.

Oh, the thoughts of some champagne, a roaring fire, and a bear skin rug do come to mind when we see Emma Frain all kinds of topless and delicious in her fun little video. Of course, the booze, fire, and rug are completely optional. Backseat of the car would do just fine as well. Enjoy.

For much more of the crazy hot Emma Frain, check out her official site at Emma-Frain.co.uk

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Emma Frain Topless Pictures For Beachy Peachy Goodness (and One Damn Lucky Stone Wall)

Emma Frain Tasty Topless Photoshoot
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If there is to be reincarnation, and I am to come back as an inanimate object, I’d like to sign up for Jessica Alba’s favorite pair of panties, or, perhaps, Miranda Kerr’s private time toy for when Orlando is off moping on the couch about how he hasn’t found a job since Pirates, but, if it’s too be something more grand in scale, you could do worse than the blessed stonework the gloriously hot Emma Frain is pressing her epic funbags up against in her sunny beach photoshoot.

As you know, we think Emma Frain is one of the finest looking women in the world, and we’re not just saying that to get into her knickers. Although, if it helps, hey, it helps. But also, we’re men of integrity, and so as we gaze upon her topless form, we really do slur out the words ‘world class hottie’.

When inspiration hits you where’d you let no man kick you, you just have to let it take you where it will. So, please, don’t forget to lock the door. Enjoy.

Emma Frain Topless Super Hotness On Her Twenty-Fifth Birthday

Emma Frain White Hot Topless Photoshoot
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What do we do here on Egotastic? We attempt to bring you visual wonderments of the hottest famous females on the planet. It’s a simple mission statement that keeps us on the straight and narrow, or in the case of Emma Frain, who we believe to be one of the ten hottest women on this very same planet, the curvy and delicious.

Emma Frain turns 25-years sextastic today, and in honor of Emma, and all the other people whose birthdays get lost on holiday eve’s like today, we salute you. Only, we’re not going to show you topless. Just Emma Frain, because she’s just wicked awesome. Enjoy.

For much more of the crazy hot Emma Frain, check out her official site at Emma-Frain.co.uk

Emma Frain Plays Wii Fit Topless For the 18 and Over Gamers Among Us (VIDEO)

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Earlier today we brought you the backside jiggle-fest that is the classic slice of gorgeous busty brunette Emma Frain playing Wii Fit a couple years back for Zoo magazine shaking her booty to and fro, especially fro. But, now, it’s magic hour here at Egotastic! and time to see the frontal bare boobtastic version of this same video. I

t’s perhaps one of the finest blends of technology and sextastic we’ve seen in the new millenium. And we’ve seen it now 137 times, so we have a good figuring on this. Enjoy.

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Emma Frain Topless Beach Photos Because Summer Will Simply Not Quit

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At least not here in the City of Angels, where temps are soaring in November thanks to a combination of global warming, hot air from celebrity politicking, and something I believe has to do with the Van Allen radiation belt and a pending invasion from an alien species hell-bent on mating with Kate Upton. Can’t say I blame them. But, point is, it’s effin’ hot. And somehow the utility company claims I haven’t paid my electricity bill since March. As if, I so paid that March bill.

In more benevolent emitting of heat channels, the deliciously delightful DD wunderkind Emma Frain continues to crank out super sextastic topless beach photoshoots to remind everyone that boobs goes extremely well with sun and sand and surf and all things summer related, because getting to second base with a girl in winter layers of clothing is a monster pain in the ass. Enjoy.

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Humpday Huzzah! Emma Frain Drops Her Top at the Beach to Reveal Her Perfect Sandy Dunes

Emma Frain Shines in Her Topless Beach Photoshoot
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Let’s cut to the chase here on this middle of the week celebration of all things female and faptastic with a simple, elegant, yet all together amazing view of the stunning Emma Frain, with her bikini top falling off at the beach, a sign of the endless summer and the four-hour erection in one fell swoop.

Even here in the City of Angels the weather has turned to a brisk 75-degrees, a sign that beach season may soon be coming to its 3-4 month hiatus, but in Hottieville, the sun never goes down on the sextastic, and for miracles of Mother Nature like Emma Frain and her delicious body, their tide is always rising. Enjoy your humpday!

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Emma Frain Topless Hotness Blows Us Away on Ta-Ta-Tuesday

Emma Frain Strips Down in a Sexy Nekkid Photoshoot
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We really do have a thing for celebrity glamour model Emma Frain, a vastly underrated world class hottie with a body that could cause men who have even yet to gaze upon her to chafe their sensitive areas in mere anticipation of the visuals. Kind of like what fapping will be like in the future world of Minority Report.

Emma Frain reminds us a lot of the girl next door. I mean, before the restraining order and her boyfriend coming over to punch us in the nose for peeking in through her blinds while she change. Man, that girl next door was so effin’ hot. Just like Emma Frain. Happy Ta-Ta-Tuesday! Enjoy.

Credit (and check out): Emma Frain Official Website

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