Emma Frain

Humpday Huzzah! Emma Frain Topless Yellow Lace Panties Goodness

Emma Frain Nekkid Sexiness Photoshoot
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You know that I think that Emma Frain is simply one of the most alluring women on the face of this planet. And you know I don’t care if you agree with me or not. While JELL-O firm in my resolve on most matter, when it comes to the happy feelings the sight of Emma Frain’s ridiculously hot body gives me, there can be no lime-green wobbling. Just yellow lace panties goodness today for the mid-point of our weekly journey together.

In a more perfect world, the more horny and desperate a man is, the more likely he would be to satisfy his passions with a supremely sextastic woman such as Emma Frain. However, this world is far form perfect, which is why I continue to keep a large cardboard box propped up on a stick with a piece of twine attached should I ever trick Emma into going for the carrot beneath the box. When you don’t have good options, you need good strategy. Emma, please be mine. Huzzah!

(For much more of the crazy hot Emma Frain, check out her official site at Emma-Frain.co.uk)

Emma Frain Topless Down to Her Black Lace Thong for Ta-Ta-Tuesday

Emma Frain Topless in a Black Lace Thong for a Lingerie Shoot
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I truly believe Emma Frain is one of the single best looking women on this planet. Am I biased because she also loves to share the tremendous treats of her ridiculously hot body without the interference of clothes? Hell yes I am.

Still, there’s no doubt Emma is am amazing looking lady, and when she starts to strip, I can literally hear the music in my head, the sound of my heart skipping a beat, and the feel of a slightly moist tingle running up my legs. That last part truly is odd. But on Ta-Ta-Tuesdays, mine is not to reason why, just to ogle and stare. Enjoy.

(For much more of the crazy hot Emma Frain, check out her official site at Emma-Frain.co.uk)

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Thank God It’s Funbags! Emma Frain Topless Summer Time Beachy Wonderments

Emma Frain Bikini Topless Hotness Photoshoot
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Each week I say we made it to blessed Friday, and I don’t make that pronouncement lightly. It’s a haul these weeks, joyous, glorious, often pain in the ass hauls. So when we get to Friday afternoons, it’s time to take a break, consume at least as many frosty beverages to equal the number of years you were when you finally graduated kindergarten, and have a little ‘me’ time. You’ve earned it.

And given our onward march toward warmer weather and the summer months, why not celebrate all things gloriously plump and juice and perfect in the bodacious ta-ta department with Emma Frain, one of the single hottest females on this planet, imho. Emma certainly knows how to make the beach look more amazing than Mother Nature herself could unfold, albeit, Mother Nature also made Emma Frain so I guess she wins.

I actually now insist you do things I would not do this weekend. Write it all down on a notecard. Then burn it. That kind of fun. Thank God It’s Funbags!

Thank God It’s Funbags! Emma Frain Topless Hotness Kickstarts the Weekend

Emma Frain Topless in a Floral Bikini
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There’s not a single day of the week I don’t imagine Emma Frain and I being stranded on a desert island, with no food, shelter, or sustenance of any kind save the fruits of our passion and unquenchable lust. Of course, at some point, Emma will get kind of pissed that I don’t know how to build shelter or find any food, and cut me off from the passion fruit bit, but those first few minutes after being shipwrecked, oh, they will be glorious.

To celebrate Friday, the pinnacle of the week, we look at Emma, one of the finest looking women on this planet, removing her floral bikini as she would shortly after that shipwreck I keep imagining. May it never ever go back on. Thank God It’s Funbags!

(For much more of the crazy hot Emma Frain, check out her official site at Emma-Frain.co.uk)

Emma Frain Topless Pictures Perfect the Yellow Bikini Striptease

Emma Frain Goes Topless in a Yellow Bikini
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Just when I thought I couldn’t yearn unrequitedly for Emma Frain any more than I already do, along comes Emma in the great outdoors with one of the most wonderful yellow bikini striptease ever in the history of yellow bikini stripteases. Wow.

Emma Frain was invented by Mother Nature on her finest day of craftsmanship, so it’s only fitting that she be out in Mother Nature as she removes her yellow bikini top to reveal just one of the truly finest bodies in this gaseous spinning globe we call the home planet. Just simply eye-popping.

Daddy wants very badly. Enjoy.

Emma Frain Topless Outtakes for Nuts Photoshoot January 2013

Emma Frain Topless Tropical Bikini Pictures To Melt Your Snowy Winter Blues

Emma Frain Topless Bikini Beach Photos
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Okay, I know there’s some kind of winter storm of the century (again) slamming the Northeast today, but I don’t think people stop to think about us folks in Hollywood, expected to deal with intermittent rain showers through the course of the next six to eight hours. I just washed my car, people, how about a little climatological sympathy?

Well, outside of how my Uncle Kon-Tiki used to melt snow outside his house with a modified flame-thrower, the best way to turn ice into liquid remains the utter sheer heat produced by wicked hot bodies, the sextastic among us dropping their tops and flashing warm sultry all over skin to raise the air-temperature a few Kelvin degrees. The likes of Emma Frain, on a topical beach, the sweet delicious beauty removing her top, so that you don’t have to, and flashing udders with the power to melt the polar ice caps, let alone your blocked-in driveway.

And the good news, even if our method doesn’t work, you still get to see Emma topless all over. It’s a no lose proposition. Enjoy.

(For much more of the crazy hot Emma Frain, check out her official site at Emma-Frain.co.uk)