Emma Frain

Thank God It’s Funbags! Emma Frain Topless Super Hotness for Summer Beach Time Mammaries

Emma Frain Goes Topless in a Bikini for a Beach Photoshoot
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Summer isn’t over until we decide it is. And with visions of the outstandingly sextastic Emma Frain stripping out of her bikini top on the beach, you can bet that the sun will decide to stick around the equator for just a little while long for it too can ogle the sweet female form of this British beach delight. I could spend all day just staring at the amazing rack and tempting allure of Ms. Frain. In fact, there’s a good chance I shall. Even as we pop the Two Buck Chuck here in the Egotastic! offices for celebrate a Friday afternoon, I do believe I’m going to keep on staring.

On Fridays, we like to launch our faithful readers into the weekend with a smile on their face and an unseemly bulge in their trousers. That goes for you too Sapphic leaning ladies, come on, blow it out the next 48 hours. You deserve a good bit of R&R. Take with your sweet thoughts of beautiful women, world class hot bodies, and the contentment that comes therein. Thank God It’s Funbags!

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Emma Frain Is My Wicked Hot Topless Queen

Emma Frain Sexy Topless Photoshoot
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I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do for Emma Frain. I’m thinking hard now… nope, not a thing. Emma Frain is my queen among, you know, the women I fantastically believe are my girlfriends because it comforts me more than hot cocoa. Plus you could burn yourself in delicate places if you substitute hot cocoa for the kind of thoughts I have about Emma Frain.

Emma took a little break from her glamorous gifting to the world of her ridiculously hot body and outstanding alluring looks. It seems she’s back, I hope in some meaningful, exhibitionist ways. She truly is a stunner with a body that could command me to do all sorts of impure and indecent and completely fun things. I shall patiently await such commands. So damn hot. Enjoy.

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Emma Frain Topless Hotness Forever Fills My Mind and Warms My Soul

Emma Frain Topless Screencaps for ZOO Sex Issue Shoot
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You know how that guy in Beautiful Mind kept seeing imaginary friends and colleagues on the street? That’s how I am, only not nearly as smart, and perhaps a smidgeon less crazy. But I see all of my favorite girls everywhere I go. The longer I go without seeing their amazingly hot bodies, the more I see them at Starbuck’s or at the gym or just standing in my kitchen, always buck nekkid.

I really miss Emma Frain. She’s on a break from sharing her greatness I surmise. I happen to think Emma is one of the most alluring women in this entire world. What I wouldn’t give to have her teaching me about sexual education as she did in her classic Zoo magazine sex issue. Her striptease in this video remains forever in my mind, causing Emma to appear in an unbuttoned blouse pretty much wherever I turn these days. Emma, please come back soon. Everybody deserves a vacation, but nobody deserves to lose your sextastic. Enjoy.

You can check out the Emma Frain sex-ed video HERE.

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Thank God It’s Funbags! Emma Frain Topless Epic Hotness for Beach Time Tributes

Emma Frain Topless in a Black Swimsuit Photoshoot
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You know I happen to believe that Emma Frain is one of the most alluring women in this entire world. And not in the same way I tell my mom how beautiful she is on her birthday. More in the run away and live in a cave for three years of constant, moss-covered making of the stinky sexy until nothing but chafed skin and smiles cover our human remains. You don’t really want to do that with mom. But Emma Frain, oh yes indeed. She is just so incredibly heat-generating, I feel myself breaking into song. Maybe it’s more of a whimpering really. Please, Emma, hear my shallow empty pleas for contact.

On Fridays, we celebrate all that is round and wonderful in this world. The spectacular curvy body and awe-inspiring melons on the form of Emma Frain are most joyous indeed. Somebody build a golden dome or something. Thank God It’s Funbags!

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Emma Frain Topless in Blue Lingerie for an Array of Wonderfully Colorful Feelings

Emma Frain Topless in Blue See-Through Lingerie
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Well hello there super hottie Emma Frain, we have missed you so. I find Emma to be one of the most alluring women on the face of this spinning orb. I’d go to any lengths just for five minutes alone time with one of her little piggies, let alone the Herculean tasks I would accomplish were I able to take that little piggy all the way home. Just so ridiculously hot.

In her latest bit of passion inducement, Emma uses the simple bit of sheer blue lingerie and a tasteful striptease to drive a million and one men to their knees praying for an Emma Frain of their own. Just by way of advice, if your wife or girlfriend happen to be around when you do drop to your knees, you might want to keep the part about an Emma Frain of your own under your breath. I’m still reeling from a platform sandal to the back of the head  the last time I uttered it aloud. Enjoy.

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Thank God It’s Funbags! Emma Frain Topless Crazy Treats Hotter Than the Summer Heat Wave

Emma Frain Topless in Pink Lace Panties
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If one more person around here tells me ‘but it’s a dry heat’, I’m going to put them in the oven at 450 and ask them how they feel about a dry heat now. I miss the snow. There, I said it. Kick me out of Tinsel Town and send me to wherever Emma Frain is posing and preening mostly nekkid for the cameras, one of the smoking hottest women in the world just arching and stretching to visual wonderment perfection.

Just like those forest fire fighters put out blazes with even more fire, so too does the gloriously sextastic Emma Frain cause me to feel a sudden loss of oxygen to my thinking parts. But I’m pretty sure that’s how nature intends this all to work. Especially on a Friday, when we celebrate our accomplishment of lasting yet another work and facing one tremendous weekend of sports, outdoors, and the blessed liquid that comes in 12-oz servings. Go get yours, Tiger. Thank God It’s Funbags!

(For much more of the crazy hot Emma Frain, check out her official site at Emma-Frain.co.uk)

Thank God It’s Funbags! Emma Frain Topless Punishments Provide a Pain You Will Love

Emma Frain Punishes with Enticing Topless Tatas
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We have arrived. Friday afternoon. We have uncorked three bottles of Two Buck Chuck here in the office, which means there will be one bottle left for everybody but me to share, while I double fist these bad boys until I can’t remember by third cousin’s middle name. This is the time to give a big eff you to the man and a think about a more romantic eff you with the nice looking ladies.

It’s Friday, the day among all other days when we celebrate the bountiful harvest of heaping chestal treats that truly make life worth living. Flesh puppies on the front end of simply amazing looking women like Emma Frain, who even in her spooky boy shorts is sending out all kinds of fertility vibes. At least, she’s preparing a million and one men at the moment to go forth and multiple. It would be impolite to resist. So I shant. Thank God It’s Funbags!