Emily Shaw

Emily Shaw Changed Her Name to Emily Agnes And Now She’s Playmate of the Month!

Emily Agnes Goes Topless for a Playboy Photoshoot
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When suddenly my boobtastic object d’lust Emily Shaw disappeared from our sextastic radar, boy, did I get nervous. I thought she had taken her amazing funbags and gone home for good. But, nay, Emily was plotting a much bigger play for her much bigger than average ridiculously hot racktastic. She’s now Emily Agnes and representing England super fine as the July 2014 Playmate of the Month. And, man, in those glasses, that body, the whole naughty secretary thing, wow.

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Shakespeare wrote ‘what’s in a name?’ or something like that. I didn’t pay a heck of a lot of attention to high school. But he’s got a point. Emily Shaw, Emily Agnes, or Lady Boom Boom, it doesn’t matter. I know that ridiculously lust inducing body anywhere. It’s simply mind blowing. Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags! Emily Shaw Topless Treats Are Simply Divine on a Friday


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You know of my deep abiding lust for all things Emily Shaw. Well, perhaps it’s more like a desperate longing or an impossible desire, but as long as it contains the bodacious crazy hot body of Emily Shaw somewhere in my delusional landscape, I’m quite content. The busty chesty hottie took to the pages of Zoo magazine this month to proudly share her sweet teats, just magnificent mammaries by every stretch of the imagination and other anatomical parts.

On Fridays, we like to celebrate the boldest and most-want-to-holdest melons on this spinning gaseous orb we call the home planet. I can think of no finer pair of funbags on a more passion inducing princess than Emily Shaw. Wowzer. Thank God It’s Funbags!

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Emily Shaw Topless Strawberries and Creamy Sextastic Perfection

Emily Shaw Licks Strawberries and Cream Off Her Topless Treats
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Can I stand much more of the brilliantly boobtastic Emily Shaw all of your keep sending to us just to make me suffer that much more? Oh, I can stand  it, right to the point of exhaustion.

In her latest guise from a Frank White photoshoot, the bodacious bodied Emily has turned her own body into a serving plate for the traditional brunch treat, strawberries and cream. If you’re not into the British culinary classics, you certainly will be as you imagine licking this plate clean, past clean, to the point of obsessive licking I suppose. Such is the inspiration of Emily Shaw, a woman who has captured our imaginations and toyed with the rest of our reflexive body parts. Just so damn hot. Enjoy.

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Emily Shaw Topless Lingerie Epic Goodness (More More More)

Emily Shaw Hot Topless Shoot in Lingerie for Frank White
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I’m not actually sure I could ever get enough of the crazy hot body of Emily Shaw. I sure would like to test my limits. EgoReader ‘Paw’ uncovered even more Emily Shaw epic topless lingerie photos from her Frank White photoshoot and, well, I’m about ready to test my limits in an entirely different manner.

Every time I see Emily Shaw revealing her perfectly fine curves, I just want to build something, construct some kind of testament to her chest-aments. Something spectacular that will make Emily so proud as she points out to her friends, ‘Hey look what my crazy American stalker did!’. Then I’ll be a happy man. Enjoy.

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Emily Shaw Topless Spectacular Hotness in Jeans for Mammarial Monday

Emily Shaw Topless in Jeans by Frank White
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Can you ever have enough of the uber-sextastic Emily Shaw with cheat puppies so fine, the goddesses on Olympus weep weep with jealous? Well, that’s a loaded question. And I’d say EgoReader ‘Darren’ doesn’t think so as knowing of my own fondness for Emily Shaw, insisted we share more of the amazing Emily as shot by Frank White this time stripping down to jeans in a heavenly light and a devilish reveal.

Emily Shaw makes me feel like I’m twelve years old again and looking at naughty magazines for the first (or fiftieth time). Just the finest of female forms and one ridiculously hot special model. I’m not sure that I can think of a finer way to build speed into a week of skin that by baring Emily Shaw thusly. Just so damn hot! Enjoy.

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Thank God It’s Funbags! More Emily Shaw Nekkid Goodness From Her Epic Outdoor Photoshoot

More Emily Shaw Super Sexy Nekkid Goods in Mike Dowson Photoshoot
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I once fell in lust with Emily Shaw not too long ago. Once and forever I suppose you’d say. But, I forsook Emily. There were minutes, nay, maybe even an hour since I last saw her when I forgot about her epic body and ridiculously hot looks. I feel like such a heel. And, then, like so much unmerited grace, along come more photos of Emily quite nekkid in her monumental Mike Dowson photoshoot and I am speechless. I mean, not exactly speechless, I haven’t stopped talking since I first learned how to verbalize, but I am still feeling more than blessed.

We, you, me, the entire Little Rascals gang, we’ve all made it to Friday. A day we cap the celebration of a week’s worth of visual indulgence and, for some of us, uncomfortable but merited chaffing. And, as always, we express our gratitude for the glorious globes upon thine hotties. Thank God It’s Funbags!

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Emily Shaw Nekkid Lust Grows Stronger With Every Passing Perfect Topless Photo

Emily Shaw Nekkid for Mike Dowson Photoshoot
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I feel like we just got done making up for missing out on the perfectly plump puppies of Britty model Emily Shaw, when along comes EgoReader ‘Eric’ to remind us that our duty to the booty and bare body of this outrageously hot young woman is barely just begin.

Featured in this Mike Dowson rather epic photoshoot of the ridiculously perfect and utterly nekkid beauty, Emily Shaw shows precisely why you ought be remembering her name this winter when you start writing Santa about what naughty present you want for a year’s worth of at least pretending to be nice. I know I couldn’t sleep Christmas Eve if there was the slightest chance of finding Emily Shaw wrapped in not more than a bow beneath my tree.

Alas, I’ll probably get a lump of coal again six months hence, but what a dream were it the lady bumps of the amazingly funbagged Emily Shaw. If you’re not catching on, I kind of like Emily. Enjoy.