Emily O'Hara

Emily O’Hara Tackles My Darling Rhian Sugden In a Showdown of Sweet Squeezables and the Battle of the Boobtastic


I hate to use the word battle this week as so many real world type conflicts rage. But it does serve as a reminder to make love, not war, and if you can't make love, just imagine you are with the aid and benefit of the several hundred million great looking women walking the face of this planet. Release your hostility in a more fruitful manner. End of speech. On to boobs.

Irish eyes are smiling upon Emily O'Hara this week as she and her sweet peaches take on the unimaginably difficult task of dethroning blonde bombshell Rhian Sugden. I don't envy Emily in her challenge, though I do so badly want to give her  supportive spank on her panties covered bottom as she tries. Thankfully, I need not carry the burden of selecting the winner. This awesome responsibility falls onto your shoulders. Decide you must, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Emily O'Hara vs. Rhian Sugden

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Emily O’Hara Challenges Rhian Sugden In a Battle of the Boobtastic for Blonde Supremacy


You hate to see two hot blonde girls going at it, I mean, unless going at it either means hair pulling, making out, or nekkid skateboarding. But in the Battle of the Boobtastic, there are no boundaries, only amazing funbags, and the laws of the jungle apply -- winner eats, loser gets eaten.

This week's chestal contest features Irish teats are smiling's own Emily O'Hara pitting her perfect pair against long-preening hottie Rhian Sugden and her naturally delicious and ripe peaches. It's a test of wills, not to mention hot body skills, as the two women vie for the title of this week's best chest. It is your sacred duty to render a decision. Whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Emily O'Hara vs. Rhian Sugden

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Emily O’Hara Puppy Thumps Nicole Neal in The Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic (With BotB Rankings Now Computed)


This week's Battle of the Boobtastic might also be considered the Battle of the Blondes, as killer fair-haired beauties Emily O'Hara and Nicole Neal go chest to chest in our weekly qualitative measurement contest. There's no shutdown here, only lift-ups, as two supremely fine women remove their tops for your viewing, and judging pleasure.

And, judge you must. It is your sacred obligation to send one woman home with the virtual trophy while another lowers her head into her hands and curses Fate. Take your time, scan, peruse, and decide, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Do you see the first ever appearance of Justice League Nip?

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And, since so many of you have asked, politely even, intern Andrew has compiled a scorecard of the all-time records of our fair lass competitors over the history of the BotB:

Emily O’Hara Battles Kelly Hall in an Irishy Chesty Battle of the Boobtastic


While the ESPN Body Issue was something of a covered treat, I'd suggest that the finest female athletes in the world today are the fine ladies who each week put their chests to the tests in the Battle of the Boobtastic. It's easy to ride a motorbike or snowboard sort of nekkid, but try pressing your mammaries into the field of battle against an equally pert and delicious pair, for all the world to judge. Now that's a real sporting contest.

This week's challenge places blonde Irish lass Emily O'Hara against the truly award winning talents of Kelly Hall, two veteran Page 3 girls with an axe to grind, err, bishop to polish? Something like that. The point is, both of these young ladies have superbly fine bosoms that you must now evaluate in terms of size and shape and suppleness, and, in a more perfect world, taste. One will win, one will go home in tears though cry only until they look once more in the mirror and realize how groovy hot they are. So, who's ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Emily O'Hara vs. Kelly Hall

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Emily O’Hara Dares Chest Up to Lucy Collett In This Week’s Battle of the Boobtastic (But Can She Win?)


I've kind of got my Irish up this week, and how can I not when Emily O'Hara throws her fine pair in the ring against ginger curvaceous darling Lucy Collett. Not since Gentleman Jim Corbett took the title from John Sullivan have we seen such a sporting tournament between two children of Irishy type descent. And while that 19th century pugilistic battle will be forever remembered, if I'm going to see two people dancing around topless and sweaty, I'd just assume it was Emily and Lucy.

But, alas, as the Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic is nothing if not a true sport, one must win, and one must lose. So, in your most humble of opinions, who's ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Emily O'Hara vs. Lucy Collett

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Emily O’Hara Goes Bunny for Easter and Topless for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays


I would surely like Emily O'Hara to be my third wife. Not the first wife, the one you marry because you're 'in love', which for a guy means you're getting laid daily. What's not to love. Nor the second wife, the high maintenance young woman you marry out of spite for the first wife you were so 'in love' with. But the third wife, the one you find just because you need a peaceful, low maintenance mate who gives you exactly what you need, but not everything you want. It's smart coupling and Emily O'Hara and I would do it beautifully, with few clothes, plenty of cocktails, and cute little pet names for the naughty kinks of our preferences.

Emily did all of us a kindly favor of flashing her twin goodies in the current edition of Zip magazine, providing evidence for my own future marital fantasies, as well as reminding all of you why you can't be content knowing the names of just ten hot women in this world, your list better contain at least a hundred, if not a thousand, if you are to be a true Egotastic! man. Happy Ta-Ta-Tuesday.

Emily O’Hara Throws Off Her Top to Battle Poppy Rivers in This Week’s Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic


A couple up and comer contenders to the throne, blonde feline Irish goddess Emily O'Hara takes up arms, err, lowers her arms to expose her blessed funbags to challenge not-often-seen-enough brunette delight Poppy Rivers in our weekly Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic.

Now, we have taken a vow to never judge one pair of knockers over another, but that's where you come in. Our perusers of all things perty and puerile, who shall judge today not who looks hot, as both of these ladies certain do, but who's ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Poppy Rivers vs. Emily O'Hara

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