Elle Liberachi

Elle Liberachi Lingerie Pictures For the Lovers of the Classically Sexy

Elle Liberachi is making sextastic strides up the hotness ladder several rungs at a time these days. The last time we saw this British model on Egotastic! she was on the pages of FHM. Now, she’s back to work sexily pimping out Baci Lingerie, and making us once again realize that lace and silky underthings should be the one exception to the ‘No Clothes on Hot Women’ rule in the fantasyland where we rule the universe. Enjoy.

Elle Liberachi Sexy Suntans (Covered) Topless In Latest FHM

What do we learn in this month’s FHM magazine interview with British supermodel sexpot Elle Liberachi? Well, she’s not related to the now deceased diamond-studded Rolls Royce piano player of similar last names. Also, that she got her hottie role in the upcoming comedy film, Your Highness, over the likes of competitor sexy bombs Kate Moss and Keeley Hazell. And, we also learn, just by looking at the sizzling suntanning sweet pictures of a covered topless Elle Liberachi that this supermodel deserves much more recognition among the celebrity ogling community than she currently receives. Heck, were it not for the blatantly bi-curious levels of women’s magazines I have delivered to my hearth and home each month, I’d probably never have known the wonderment of Elle Liberachi, let alone the awesome news that she’ll be the front woman for Gossard lingerie this year, meaning, yep, Elle in silky nothings coming very shortly.. Enjoy.

Elle Liberachi Covered Topless Leather Lingerie Pictures in FHM France; Now, That%u2019s a Birthday Card!

Happy Birthday, Elle Liberachi. This Brit-turned Continental supermodel is just too too hot not to be a part of our family here on Egotastic!, and since it’s her birthday, and since she did go to the trouble of flashing her super hotness in FHM France, well, let’s do a little unveiling. Unfortunately, these Elle Liberachi pictures only provide covered topless glances at the sweet English princess; still, it’s her birthday, and she can cover up if she wants to (provided we do get to see that hot body and asstastic). Though, for my birthday, I am expecting full-on nekkid fun times from yet another hot girl named Elle. Enjoy.