Elle Basey

Elle Basey: Jason’s Gift to You This Thanksgiving


Screw the fire. Give me some Elle Basey to warm my chestnuts!

That’s what EgoReader ‘Jason’ so eloquently penned in honor of his favorite big-boobtastic model lust who he would like to share with all of you this Thanksgiving season. We dug not only Jason’s Hemingway like prose, but also his choice of a less obvious, but richly deserving super hottie.

In honor of Jason’s Thanksgiving request, take a look at ten super sextastic photos of Elle Basey.

Rosie Jones, Elle Basey, Emma Frain, and Emma Glover Bare Their Bodies for Boudouir Bawdiness

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When our friends at Nuts mentioned they had a Babes in Bed photoshoot concept we were hooked, even before we knew those babes would be the level 11 hotness likes of Rosie Jones, Elle Basey, Emma Frain, and Emma Glover. Just a foursome of young Hall of Fame funbaggery. A veritable melon stand of fruity global goodness. A pound full of flesh puppies. And a spectacle of chesticles. Really, simple downright awesomeness.

There is absolutely zero chance I ever lose this mental image of Rosie, Elle, Emma, and Emma laying bare-buttockal like across the bed. This visual tattoo can not be laser removal’ed. Enjoy.

Elle Basey Topless Pictures For the Most Faptastic Footwear Shots Ever


Do you love ridiculously hot young British glamour girls modeling footwear by way of boobtastic displays? Of course you do.

Imagine our delight when we snuck a peek at the amazingly hot bodied Elle Basey sneaker pimping all kinds of topless in Esquire U.K.  Personally, my first thought was, this doesn’t look at all like Mildred, the kindly lady who addresses my pedestrian needs at Payless Shoes. (Then again, can Elle Basey work me a discount for two pairs of Crocs for $24? Doubt it.) Whatever the backstory is on these photos, we highly endorse pimping by way of topless hotness; nothing ever sells worse because a sextastic celebrity is flashing skin to promote it. I guarantee. Enjoy.

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