Elizabeth Marxs

Dad Loves Cars and Hot Topless Girls, Get Him Some; Playboy.TV 80% Off for Father’s Day Last Minute Gift Buying

Elizabeth Marxs and Ali Rose Topless Playboy Photoshoot
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Are you like me, a pretty horrible self-involved child who never did anything for the parents who claim on legal notices that they raised him? Well, hopefully you thanked mom rightfully so, and, now, your chance to payback dad. Do you realize how many times your old man wanted to tell you how embarrassed he was of you out there in the mix, but he just said, ‘Way to go, champ’ instead? That’s what dad’s do. They lie. And you owe them for that. So how about one last late Father’s Day gift of Playboy.TV at 80% off the normal price for dear old dad.

Playboy.TV 80% Off Special for Father’s Day

Here to help celebrate are Playboy hotties Elizabeth Marxs and Ali Rose. Now, you can’t get them in person for dad, unless you’re the most bitchin’ son or daughter ever. But you can get him girls just like this doing naughty things with each other and with cars, just because that is what makes this world so awesome to spin around on. Or, forget about dad and let the Karmic winds take you away to some hell hole filled with Kardashians. I’d not take my chances on that one. Playboy.TV, 80% off, for dad, for yourself, for America (and other awesome nations).

Elizabeth Marxs Nekkid Competition for Your Playboy Cybergirl of the Year Vote

Elizabeth Marxs Topless Cowgirl Playboy Photoshoot
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Vote early, vote often, vote using the name ‘Simon Smith’. I don’t know, but a guy near a polling booth in Jersey once advised me so along with a twenty dollar bill so it always stuck with me. As for the Playboy Cybergirl of the Year voting currently underway, it’s time for you to pick your capo di tutti capo of sextastic ladies of the digital domain so that Playboy may crown a queen after voting closes on March 2.

Just One Single Dollar to Explore the Playboy Plus Hot Nekkid Treasure Chest!

Now, I’m not going to tell you who I’m voting for (ahem, Elizabeth Marxs). But she might have a naughty sneer, hints of ginger in her hair, and some shit-kicker cowgirl boots that could inspire an entirely new level of the Horse Rides Cowgirl family board game. As for you, you are a sentient being with your own life force and free will, you pick among these dozen nekkid beauties for yourself.

VOTE for the Cybergirl of the Year and exercise your democratic right. I know, not quite as exciting as a Congressional election, but what can you do. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Playboy Plus