Elizabeth Loaiza

Elizabeth Loaiza Models Lingerie And Bikinis For Lenceria Le Bon

Colombian model Elizabeth Loaiza showed off her considerable assets in a photo shoot for Lenceria Le Bon lingerie and bikinis. Some models do bathing suits well while others know how to rock underwear. Elizabeth is that rare type that does both with equal sexiness. Throw on a pair of high heels and you’ve got something really special. Elizabeth’s funbags are clearly a work of art. They make me want to buy her dad, mom, and all living ancestors a beer for making her. But her shapely hips and butt are what make these pictures such a joy to look at. That, my friends, is what comes from generations of people eating arroz and frijoles for three meals a day. Well, that and being a really hot chick. My ancestors also ate that stuff and no one asks me to model lingerie.

I believe that Elizabeth in lingerie and high heels is just the thing that Colombia needs to get out of its recent woes. Who wants to traffic drugs or kill anyone when you can just look at her? I say they should put her on their flag.

READER FINDS: Gisele Bundchen Hella Sexy, Katy Perry Sideboob, Alexa Chung Topless, and Much Much More…

Gisele Bundchen Photoshoot for Hope 2012
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Everyday feels like my birthday when it comes to the generous donations of our decidedly dedicated readers and our weekly assemblage of the asstastic, boobtastic, and all parts unclothed in between on our very sexiest celebrities. From week to week, we really never know what we’re going to see, we just know we’re going to have one amazing time seeing it. The very best hodgepodge of hotness on the net we like to call, Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Gisele Bundchen lingerie hotness, Vanessa Hudgens squeezable bottom, classic topless Sophie Reade, Katy Cocktease doing what else but flashing some side mammaries, Alexa Chung freaky bleeding topless, Jennifer Walcott athletically hot, Holly Peers and Staci Noblett becoming bosom buddies by the sea, Kelly Brook major league sextastic in lingerie, Ali Cobrin topless udder goodness, Alyssa Miller in topless outdoorsy hotness, and Elizabeth Loaiza behind the scenes unclothed. Visual treats for the whole family!


Elizabeth Loaiza Nekkid Pictures Attempt to Prove the Dominance of Colombian Hotness

Elizabeth Loaiza Topless Beach Pictures in SoHo Magazine
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Our friends at SoHo magazine have been gathering together some of the finest fineries in all of Colombia in an Olympic type effort to prove that Colombian women ought be considered among (if not the tops) the hottest women in the world. Now, we don’t take much convincing on this front, and when we see the likes of Elizabeth Loaiza topless, we couldn’t argue even if we wanted to (and we don’t).

If on the off chance you happen to like sweet hot sultry Latina ladies, then you must join us on our Winnebago trip to Sudamericana, with a major, long term rest stop in Colombia. Enjoy.

(Thanks to nuestro amigo ‘Alejo’ for his continued contribution of smoking hot ladies from the equatorial regions.)

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Elizabeth Loiaza Topless En Fuego Sizzle on the Pages of Don Juan

Elizabeth Loaiza Sensual Topless Photos in Don Juan Magazine
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We do so love our Colombian hotties, and they don’t come much more en fuego than former Miss Colombia, Elizabeth Loaiza, who since receiving her crown has dedicated herself to remove all clothing beneath her crown for public displays of topless affection, and, don’t you know, as far as beauty pageants wishes for the world, awesome topless photos beats the hell out of world peace.

In her latest and greatest exhibition of her supremely wicked hot body, Elizabeth gets all kinds of glassy-eyed sultry on the pages of Don Juan magazine, the periodical that would be stuffed under your mattress if you were a teen boy in Colombia, or, me. I mostly just read the articles.

For all the fun we make of the bubbly-headed dreams of beauty pageant contestants, the minute they start taking their clothes off for the cameras, all our dreams start coming true. Enjoy.

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Elizabeth Loaiza Gets Kinky and Topless and Put on the Menu

Elizabeth Loaiza Topless Food Photoshoot in SoHo
Thank God It's Funbags (TGIF)

If there’s two things I love, it’s food and former Miss Colombia’s looking all hot and topless. Mix the two together and you have a wonderful series of mini-pictorials of Elizabeth Loaiza from our friends at SoHo, exhibiting the super hot Sudamericana in her not-so-native environment as the main ingredient for a variety of recipes.

It gets all kinds of weird and ridiculous and that is exactly what we love. I mean, let’s be real, super sextastic Elizabeth Loaiza doing anything is hot; throw in a butchered side of beef, and it’s more than memorable. Enjoy.

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Elizabeth Loaiza Pictures Are Sexing Back to Cali


Colombia has given a wonderful gift to the world. No, not coffee. Or chocolate. Or that other thing Gretchen once did in college. Sultry hot women. Not the only country of course, but our tour of Latin America keeps taking us back to this tropical nation, this time for the young, Latina hottie, Elizabeth Loiaza, former Miss Columbia and named by the reputable Don Juan magazine as their super hottie girl of the year (an understatement really for this smoking sexy Sudamericana celebrity). Someday, when my ’86 Winnebago Cruiser is fixed, I’m going to make that trek down to the southern hemisphere of hotness and document this phenomenon up close and personal. Enjoy.