Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta Canalis Bikini Pictures Bring Heat to the French Riviera

Sometimes life seems unfair. Why couldn't I be a famous Italian fashion designer with a monster yacht dotted with tons of global hotties in bikinis waiting to change for me into outfits of my own design? I blame the fact that I'm left-handed and unable to use right-handed scissors without spastic mis-cuts, elsewise, I could have been Roberto Cavalli, who has hosted just a gaggle of sexy celebrities on his bazillion dollar watercraft these past few days off the shore of Cannes, not the least hotness of which is Elisabetta Canalis, Italian model and erstwhile George Clooney girlfriend (talk about another lucky bastard right there) who pranced and sun-baked about the Cavalli yacht in a skimpy bikini to basically drive most of the entire male world (and you leering ladies) into ogling madness. Elisabetta Canalis keeps her buttockal region in some serious ship-shape. Next year, I'm going to be on a yacht in Cannes. Or, you know, a dinghy on Lake Eerie. Enjoy.

(UPDATE: We got hold of the pimping dress shots Elisabetta Canalis was on the yacht to wear and look ridiculously hot in and added them to the post. Look for sweet sweet pokes. Enjoy.)


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Elisabetta Canalis and Bar Refaeli Cabo Bikini Pictures, Day Two

No, they're not vacationing together in Cabo, although, in my mind, the three of us are having quite the hot tub game time fun time, still, just knowing that both super hotties, Elisabetta Canalis and Bar Refaeli are strutting around the same beach in their skimpy bikinis for yet another day, well, it makes me want to endure a plastic-gloved TSA body cavity search and hop a plane for destinations South. Enjoy.

First up, Elisabetta Canalis, one grand reason to hate George Clooney, with two grand reasons poking through her sheer bikini top.

And, the eternal star of model hotness, Bar Refaeli, still enjoying time away from her beard while down Mexico way:

Photo credit: Splash News / bauergriffinonline.com / INF Photo

Elisabetta Canalis Bikini Pictures Flash the Bare Asstastic and Nipple Pokes


Talk about working the heck out of a bikini, the super sexy Italian actress and model Elisabetta Canalis down Cabo way has the wardrobe malfunctions working to epic proportions. These Elisabetta Canalis bikini pictures show off the ridiculously sexy body of this Sardinian princess, including some unforgettable cracktastic shots of her downright perfect bottom and nipple pokes flashing beneath her sheer bikini. Be still my doughnut filled heart. These pictures are driving me to madness. Effing Clooney! Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News

Elisabetta Canalis Nipple Slip Pictures Make Me Even More Jealous of George Clooney


We don't cover much Elisabetta Canalis. Granted, she is model hot. And, a hot model. And she has one of those amazing Mediterranean bodies and looks that can drive a pasty-white person like myself into all sorts of Northern Hemispheric passion frenzies. Still, seeing this sextastic Sardinian only reminds me that I'll never have those Clooney eyes that cause women's panties to drop floorward with just a subtle wink. Nevertheless, I owe it to the good people of Egotastic! Land to show hotness wherever hotness may be, in this case, these Elisabetta Canalis nipple slip pictures from Italian TV. Enjoy.

Elisabetta Canalis Nude Pictures (George Clooney is a Lucky, Lucky Man)


The other day I introduced to Elisabetta Canalis, George Clooney's new Italian model/actress girlfriend, via some very nice Elisabetta Canalis bikini pictures. Well, I just thought I'd illustrate just what kind of life George Clooney is leading by posting these Elisabetta Canalis nude pictures. They were taken a couple years ago, but holy crap is she hot! Just goes to show that being mega rich, super famous, and ultra handsome has it's perks. And Elisabetta's are two of them.