Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta Canalis Nearly Spills Out of Her Bikini Top on Italian Holiday

Looks like somebody is getting a little too big for their britches. Make that, too big for their bikini top, and oh so perfectly fit and snug in their short shorts britches. Elisabetta Canalis on a beach vacation off the coast of Italy on Ischia, and island where gunboats would shoot down any attempt by myself to get near sacred beaches of the rich and hot ladies, just looked stellar.

Even in the idiotic Panama hats all the hoity toity are wearing to the beach these day. Elisabetta may now officially be two George Clooney girlfriends ago, but I’d still gladly give a kidney and a lung for the chance to make her my next squeeze. And squeeze I would. Enjoy.

Elisabetta Canalis Debuts Lingerie Line, We Want to Undress Her Lingerie ASAP

We do so dig Elisabetta Canalis and though she’s inevitable tied to the long line of Clooney bang-sisters, she will always just be the super hot Italian model we deeply lust and who we are most definitely ogling here on the sight of her lingerie line photos.

Sultry, brunette hotties hold  a special place in our heart, that would be the place closest to our family jewels and millions of years of man-drive evolution. We not only condone the placement of little bits of silky nothings on Elisabetta Canalis, it only fuels our fire to watch the sextastic model from The Boot slowly slink out of them in front of the faux fireplace in our studio apartment. Such is the power of pure, slightly adulterated, lust. Enjoy.

Elisabetta Canalis Flashes Some Million Dollar Legs on Italian TV

We do so love legs. Hot long toned female lower appendages, like tempting sign posts on the road to Nirvana (which could be up or down, just to let you feet fetishists have your day as well).

And Italian model and Clooney ex Elisabetta Canalis has some serious stems, the pair of which she was flashing on Italian TV in a delightful gam-display that once more reminded us why exactly we could spend several hours a day caressing sweet legs, the most underrated of foreplay activities that we can stand for more than sixty seconds or so. But, that’s us, leg men. And we give Elisabetta a 10. Enjoy.

Elisabetta Canalis Walks the Runway in Miss Bikini for Milan Fashion Week

Elisabetta Canalis Flashes Her Boot (And Other Fine Bits) for Italy’s Max Magazine

Former Clooney model girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis has hardly shrunk into the woods since her split from the noted cocksman, in fact, she’s kind of been everywhere, flashing her model body and Latin good looks. We applaud such rebounding technique, though it is time for some fully nekkid raunchy pics, if I’m giving relationship advice.

In the latest edition of Max magazine from her home country, Elisabetta gets all kinds of artsy racy for the photogs, producing some high-brow, but ultimately low and tingle inducing photos of her wicked hot body. We could do without some of the production value, but if you get past all the girlie stuff, just pure hotness. Enjoy.

Elisabetta Canalis Flashes Smile in a White Tank in West Hollywood

Elisabetta Canalis Flashes Cleavage for ‘Il Globo’

We still really kind of dig Elisabetta Canalis, even after her dumping at the hands and other body parts of George Clooney, the hot Italian model remains one of our favorite late night virtual booty calls. Elisabetta was flashing a good bit of cleavage over the weekend for some event sponsored by the Italian language newspaper ‘Il Globo’ wherein her job seemed to be to constantly lean forward in her low cut top to answer questions from the media.

We have another job in mind for Elisabetta Canalis with very similar bodily bending, but we’ll keep that request to the private correspondences we send her. Enjoy.