Elena "Inna" Apostoleanu

Inna Uncensored: Euro Pop Diva Uses Hot Topless Women to Promote Her Latest Track



You know we have a musically-inspired special lust crush on sultry and sexy Romanian diva Inna.

It’s a compelling fantasy where we transport ourselves to an Adriatic island hideaway with nothing but a bare nekkid Inna, a box of radishes, and a pack of unfiltered Camel cigarettes for a week. These exclusive photos for Egotastic! display the hotness that is Inna, made even hotter by the presence of sexy topless girls to her right and to her left. Everything is made better with sexy topless girls; Inna ain’t no dummy. And she’s hella hawt.

if you like to shake your booty, check out Inna’s latest track Un Momento as you peruse this sexy muse.

Sample an Audio Taste of Un Momento from Inna »

READER FINDS: Padma Lakshmi Nekkid, Gal Gadot Hot, Inna Sexy, and Katy Cocktease Upskirt


We love our readers.

Blessed thanks to ‘Jesse G.’ for discovering uncovering and all around revealing to us these Padma Lakshmi nekkid photo pictorial. They’re creepy and freak but they’re Padma Lakshmi nekkid! And we lust that Indian cook like nobody’s business.

Gal Gadot in Fast 5Shoutout to EgoReader ‘Chase C.’ for spending his waking moments mesmerized over super Fast and Furious 5 hottie, Gal Gadot, and for having the benevolence to share a slice of Gal from FF5 with the rest of the Egotastic! community.

Inna in FHM RomaniaTransmissions of good feelings to Ciprian, editor of Click!, Romania’s leading tabloid for an exclusive look at our be-lusted pop diva, Inna, appearing all hot and bothered and sexy in the upcoming FHM. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Katy Perry Upskirt During a Concert in Sydney, AustraliaAnd, last, but certainly not lease, an in-concert candid upskirt of Katy Cocktease taken by a friend of EgoDownUnderFan ‘Andrew L.’ who jut saw Katy in concert in Sydney and snapped this cheeky shot. We thank Andrew while we wonder why he has friends who go to Katy Cocktease concerts!


Inna Just Can’t Be Contained, Nor My Lust (VIDEO)

My lust affair with Romanian craptastic pop singer, Inna, continues its odd infatuation; it’s almost inexplicable why I find myself drawn to this Eastern bloc Fergie, but I can’t stop ogling her. Whether it be in silly sexy photoshoots, or even watching her live performance of Deja Vu at a concert in Madrid this past weekend (see below), I just can’t get enough Inna. I’ve got the reasons narrowed down to three possibilities: her amazing boobs, her hot body, or me just spending way too much time alone in a dark office. I’m guessing it’s probably a combination of the three, but, seriously, how do I cure myself of this massive Inna crush?

Inna performing at the Premios 40 Principales 2010 in Madrid:

Watch the Video »

Inna Nipple Slip Pictures for High Performance Wardrobe Malfunction (VIDEO)


Welcome back our Romanian super pop diva, during this day of hottie pop stars, welcome back Inna with a super extended on-stage nipple slip slash wardrobe malfunction. Here’s what I love about Inna, I mean, in addition to being super sexy and not being pretentious about her silly pop music — she just doesn’t give a damn that her big boobs and bustier have pushed her nipple out for a French and worldwide audience. The show must go on! No Congressional hearings ala Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl. Just, plain, hot, Inna nipple slip. Bravo!

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Inna Topless Pictures Blow Me Outta My Mind


(UPDATED TO ADD: Thanks to an anonymous and beloved Egotastic! reader for providing us with updated, actual Inna topless pictures to save the world from faux Inna porn star boobs. Long story, but, suffice it to say, Enjoy.)

I think I’ve become smitten by a Romanian pop star. Of course, ‘smitten’ can mean many things to many people, so, to be clear, I mean, I am drooling myself to dehydration with utter lust over Inna, my Caspian Sea Fergie, only, not exactly the same as Fergie, as evidenced in these ridiculously hot Inna topless pictures. I was prepared to declare my lust even before seeing Inna’s amazing boobs and body in the full and clear; now I’m simply prepared to offer her the moon. Or, even better, I’ll lie and tell her how much I love her music. When a man puts real effort into his lies, that means he cares! Enjoy.

(Yet another note: there were some people who insisted we re-post the impostor Inna pictures from earlier on Friday. Hmm, generally against this policy, but the fake Inna, apparently a Romanian adult film star, was rather, well, postable, so…)

Romanian Sexy Singer, Inna, Blows Me Away With Boobs and Booty (VIDEO w/ Nipple Slip)


So, when a bunch of Romanians tell me I’ve got to check out the ‘Lady Gaga’ of their homeland, you know my first thought: oh, shizz, the Romanian version of Sad Pete the Hobo. Not good. But then I took a look at Elena Apostoleanu, more commonly known as Inna. Wow. She’s not the Lady Gaga of Romania, she’s the Fergie of Romania, and this is a very good thing. This Eastern bloc diva is pretty damn hot and not at all shy about flashing her sweet body, boobs and butt, either onstage (see the video below) or on the pages of FHM in some overly-artistic, but, dang, amazing photos of boobage touching boobage. Inna… Welcome to Egotastic!

First, the Ode on a Grecian Boob from our friends at FHM.

And, the Fergie-esque concert wardrobe and performance from Inna, complete with nipple slip.

Watch the Video »