Eiza González

Eiza Gonzalez Cleavy Tight Dress Perfection

Super Latina sextastica Eiza Gonzalez made quite an impression leaving the Chateau Marmont in a tight low cut dress that showed off nearly every bit of her nearly perfect body. Okay, maybe it is perfect. I’d have to have a closer inspection to see for sure.

For now, let’s just call the Mexican hottie singer and actress passion inducing to an extreme degree. Some people say Miley stood no chance again this woman for the affection of her former fiance. I have no comment other than to say I’d probably drop my mom in the street for a chance to lock arms and other body parts with Eiza Gonzalez. Truly en fuego. Enjoy.

Eiza Gonzalez Flashes Legs Shopping in West Hollywood

The lovely Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez was all legs on a shopping trip in West Hollywood. The telenovela star was wearing what essentially looks like a one piece bathing suit her abuela knitted for her. Eiza has legs, my friends. I mean, most people have legs but she HAS legs. Her stalks are flawless. They are long and lean like the good lord intended. When her abuela knitted her this outfit she also forgot to add much of a top. So, there is some serious cleavage action going on. Clearly all those years of working on telenovelas in Mexico taught her that you get further in this business showing off your assets. And by assets I mean her chi-chis. I remember seeing Eiza years ago when she was just a teenager on a teen telenovela my mom watched called Lola…Erase Una Vez. Why my 60-year-old mom was watching a teen soap opera is not important.

What its important is that I knew that one day Eiza would grow up into one seriously caliente chica and I could stop feeling bad for ogling her.

Eiza Gonzalez Is Pretty Damn Alluring in Her Little Open Dress

Yes, you have to put on the fake smile and seem like you really want to be hanging with Mario Lopez when you visit Extra to pimp your project, but there’s nothing fake about how alluring and hot Eiza Gonzalez looked in her loose and open top dress when she hit the show to promote From Dusk Till Dawn. Her legs on display were a lovely complement to her cleavage reveal, the entire visual package made it almost worth watching the show Extra.

I didn’t know too much about Eiza Gonzalez before she stole Miley’s fiancee for a few weeks of intense shtupping. Can’t say I blame him given how much I’d give up for the same opportunity. She really is quite the fetching young Latina lady. Somedays I guess it’s good to be Mario Lopez. But not that many. Enjoy.

Californication, DaVinci’s Demons, Game of Thrones, From Dusk Till Dawn All Lend Some Funbags to the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Eiza Gonzalez in From Dusk Till Dawn
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Some of the names may not be widely known, but the small screen continues to deliver the fine funbags where often the silver screen comes up short these days. So many of the shows on cable seem to be period pieces these days, but that doesn’t mean they’re not rewriting history with tons of bare ladies giggling and laying in impossibly comfortable beds for their time periods.

This week’s Boob Tube Roundup includes Brigette Davidovici in Calfironication baring her beautiful ta-ta’s, Jeany Spark quite topless and en fuego in DaVinci’s Demons, Sarina Sofair flashing udders in the wet for Game of Thrones, and Eiza Gonzalez in not topless but fun Mexi-bikini views in From Dusk Till Dawn. Give yourself a nice skin-filled break and enjoy.

Check Out the Uncensored Boob Tube Roundup Video »

The Boob Tube Roundup Is Back with Keri Russell, DaVinci Toplessness, and More Goodies (VIDEO)

Peyton List in Her Bra in The Tomorrow People
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April showers brought some May skintastic flowers by way of a return to the Boob Tube Roundup, a hot body packed brief look at the best of the hotties on the small screen of this past week. The boob tube definitely power punches right past major theatrical these days in terms of sweet treats and sextastic celebrity views, but even the little screen goes through its ups and downs from week to week, month to month, as programs hiatus for the season.

This week’s BTR includes Keri Russell hot in panties and bra in The Americans, Lara Pulver topless and quite reveling with ecstasy in DaVinci’s Demons, Peyton List in her own bra-topped making of the sexy scene in The Tomorrow People, Tara Holt receiving some intense acting from behind in Californication, and Eiza Gonzalez in a strutting bikini show in From Dusk Till Dawn. The nekkid meter is not super high, but the hotness stick just done popped. Check it out. And, enjoy.

Editor’s note: thanks to those of you who wrote in to note that the girl listed as Keri Russell in the photos is actually Gillian Alexy on the same show.

Check Out the Uncensored Boob Tube Roundup Video »

Jessica Pare Sideboob, Eiza Gonzalez Witchy Bikini Hotness, and Josephine Gillan Topless Gingers Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup

Jessica Pare in Mad Men
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Despite my increasing laziness to clip together a video for you hard reading audience members, this was actually a pretty inspiring Boob Tube Roundup weekend on the small screen in terms of sextastic skin. Some of it only rated PG-13, but we’re collectively man enough to still use a little imagination when it comes to virtually undressing some ridiculously hot looking ladies of our future dreams.

This weeks’ Boob Tube Roundup included Jessica Pare flashing sideboob in Mad Men (yes, this was last week’s episode, but now I’m catching up), the desperately alluring Eiza Gonzalez and a few of her hot stripper friends in the new episode of Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn TV series, and Josephine Gillan and her outrageously plump udders in Game of Thrones. Check them out in photo form and report back on your feelings. Just not to me, please. Tell a buddy. Enjoy.

Eiza Gonzalez Is Muy Caliente In Sheer Dress

Mexican actress and singer Eiza Gonzalez was out and about in West Hollywood with her breastes out and about. She barely covered her hot tamales up with a sheer black dress that left little to the imagination. It was tasteful. You couldn’t completely see her nips and there was just a hint of side boob. Eiza has been around for a few years now in the Spanish speaking world. I remember seeing her in one of the telenovelas my mom watches back about five years ago. I would crawl into my little bed alone and dream that one day Eiza would allow me just a glimpse of her candy filled piñatas. Today is like a dirty Christmas for ‘ol Jack.

Eiza is currently trying to make the crossover to the American market. She wants to be the next Sofia Vergara or Shakira. I’m all for this kind of meaningful cultural exchange. Her chesticles will be like cultural ambassadors.