Dorismar Scandalously Nekkid and Preggo on the Pages of the Mexican Bunny

Dorismar is Pregnant and Nekkid in Playboy Mexico June 2012 Issue
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Well, now she done did do it.

We already super-dug hottie Latina telenovela and TV comedy star Dorismar for, well, for being super sweet looking for one, but for also having the female-nads to fight her deportation from the U.S. when living in Miami on the grounds basically that her hotness represented an extraordinary talent. How was this case denied? The evidence is right there in front of you, immigration officials?

And, now, dear sweet Dorismar has kicked it up yet another notch, by stripping off all her clothes to appear nekkid in Playboy Mexico while reportedly 5-months pregnant at photo time. Talk about passion meeting fetish. My desire for all things sultry and Latina meets dead-on with a still not-worked-out-in-therapy longing for women with child, bulging at their curvy milk-laden seams. I may not actually survive this one. Enjoy.


Dorismar Bares Her Body and Soul for Todos Los Hombres



I fell in lust with sexy Latina TV star Dorismar the minute I leered eyes at her. (I fell in love with her when I found out that while living in Miami she fought visa overstay deportation from the U.S. based on having ‘extraordinary talents’ — of which, I can most definitely see at least two, sadly, ICE did not agree.) Now the telenovela starlet and TV sketch comedy actress is getting the sweetest type of payback, by showing the men who dare kick her off their lawn exactly what they are missing, baring her topless sextastic self on the pages of Hombres magazine, and making me want to personally sponsor her next visit to the U.S., with appropriate measures of consideration for kindness displayed, natch. Enjoy.

Dorismar Is Dynamite in Extremo Photoshoot (VIDEO)


Do you Univisión? You really should be watching this Spanish language channel if you’re not already, for the likes of super hottie TV star and former Playboy playmate Dorismar (used to be Doris Mar, but, don’t you know, single word names give you instant stardom) who not only telenovelas up the screen with sultry Latina hotness, but was a veteran of the music and dance show Caliente on Univision with extensive booty-shaking. These Dorismar topless pictures from this past year’s Para Hombres Extremo magazine are a great way to start your lust introduction to the smoking hot-bodied Dorismar if you’ve not met her before. She is a handful and then some. Enjoy.

Dorismar in sweet sextastic action? Sure, why not, from this quite nice sheer and see-through video of the sexy Argentinean.

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