Diosa Canales

Diosa Canalas Topless Retro Sextastica Para Playboy en Mexico

Diosa Canales Retro Topless Shoot for Playboy Mexico June 2013
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Diosa Canales seems to be causing quite a stir these days on the world wide web. The Venezuelan hottie and notorious stripper after her nation’s winning soccer matches seems to be catching on outside her native Sudamericana. It doesn’t hurt that she seems to be bedding down with some of the better soccer players in the world I suppose.

Featured in this month’s Playboy Mexico, the busty Venezuelan model and TV personality goes a little old school, with a retro black wig and style harkening back to a simpler time, when busty women were more naturally made perhaps, though I’m hardly complaining at the twin peaked goodness of Diosa. Take some time to step back into the way back machine with this sultry Latina. Buttons will be pushed. Enjoy.