Diora Baird

Diora Baird Breasts are the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Twitter

So I follow Diora Baird on Twitter because A) she’s super hot, and 2) she’s super funny. What more could you ask for? Well, you could ask for some pictures of her incredibly huge breasts, and today, you’d get what you asked for. Here’s a picture of Diora Baird’s breasts, well, cleavage really, that she posted on Twitter earlier, though she has since removed the picture. Thankfully, once you post something online, there’s no taking it down. Ever.

Diora Baird Hotness in FHM

Diora Baird, aka the Hottest Woman in the World, is killing it in the June issue of FHM. Of course, it’s not hard to make Diora Baird look absolutely fan-fapping-tastic. Add a bikini, some lingerie, and Diora does most of the heavy lifting. And by heavy lifting I mean look at those things! Humunuh Humunuh… Check out more of Diora in this killer photoshoot at FHM.

Diora Baird: Hottest. Star Trek Babe. Ever.

As if you needed any more incentive to be psyched for the new Star Trek movie (minus a douchie young Kirk, all those stupid lens flares, and what will probably be a stupid story, essentially ripping off season 3 of Enterprise, from what I can glean from the trailers), here comes the super hot Diora Baird in her bra and panties to remind you that she is still, by far, the Hottest. Star Trek Babe. Ever. And as if having pictures of Diora in her underwear wasn’t enough, she’s also all oiled up and shiny. Thanks go out to the wonderful gents at Nuts magazine for fulfilling yet another fantasy.

Note: There’s some Diora Baird nude shots in that second pic…

Diora Baird Bikini Golf Photoshoot Outtakes

If these Diora Baird bikini pictures look familiar, that’s because they are outtakes from a Diora Baird Maxim photoshoot from two years ago, but we only just found them now. And considering that there is nothing else going on today, and that it’s Diora Baird, and she is the most incredible female creature in the universe, I figure you won’t mind. If only Golf always looked this good.

Diora Baird is Topless in Maxim, But Not Topless Enough

My very favourite new Hollywood hottie, Diora Baird, is topless in the new issue of Maxim UK magazine, but not nearly topless enough. There’s that one shot of her actually topless, but covering up, and there also a shot of her in a pretty see-through shirt, but you still can’t see everything. It’s frustrating, but truth be told, I’d take Diora Baird in a parka over no Diora Baird at all. Of course, if she was naked under the parka, and had a penchant for flashing, that would be even better.

Diora Baird is the Sexiest. Star Trek Babe. Ever.


Sure, Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine was hot with her big boobs, and her skin-tight outfits, and her breast Borg implants, and Jolene Blalock’s T’Pol had even tighter outfits, and bigger, faker boobs, but there’s nothing sexier on Star Trek than a girl painted green, and there’s no one sexier to don the green body paint (and requisite skimpy outfit to show off said green body paint) than Diora Baird, who I do believe will officially become the Hottest. Star Trek Babe. Ever. when she appears as an Orion Slave Girl in the new Star Trek movie next year.

Diora discusses her Star Trek screen time in the new issue of Maxim magazine, and wouldn’t you know it, she also took some time out to pose for some hot pictures and a topless video.

Let’s hope you keep things together in the new Star Trek flick. Who are you playing?
I play the green girl. There you have it.

So you’re an alien?
Um, I would assume so–unless I was born with a skin disease. In the original series, there were these infamous green women that Captain Kirk would hit on, and so without giving too much away, I’m one of those green girls.

You know, I was having some doubts about the direction of this new Trek outing, what with J.J. Abram’s ability to make things suck, but if nothing else, at least we’ll have the Warp 10 level hotness of Diora Baird, covered in green body paint. Beam me up, Scotty!

Diora Baird Topless in FHM


I’m not sure why Diora Baird is on the cover of French FHM magazine, other than for the obvious reasons. Of course, I’m not complaining. I’m also not complaining about the Diora Baird topless photo, either.

It may have taken the French a little while to catch on to the hotness that is Diora Baird, but thankfully, that French sense of modesty (or lack thereof) is doing a great job here.

Also, it’s just fun to read that they call her Hollywood’s new “Sex Bomb Girl.” At least the pictures don’t need any translation.