Diora Baird

Amanda Peet Topless! Leslie Bibb Bare Nekkid Bottom, Diora Baird Blurry Topless Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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Oh, happy days when blessed and beautiful Amanda Peet flashes her bare knockers on the little screen. Thanks to Amanda and a slew Amazon pilots we have one amazing Boob Tube Roundup this week that also includes Leslie Bibb walking the catwalk nekkid, hottie Diora Baird in a bra and then no bra, Karisssa Shannon and Kristina Shannon topless though pastied on their backs, Ivana Milicevic leading her Banshee hotties, and much much more.

January truly is the best time for topless wonderments on the boob tube. A renewal of the social contract between producers wanting ratings and the gentleman oglers willing to give it to them with just enough skin. It really is a beautiful thing. Check it out and see if you don’t agree. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Banshee/Cocked/MadDogs/SalemRogers/Togetherness

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FRIDAY CLASSIC: Diora Baird Ridiculously Hot and Topless for Terry Richardson

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Kind of a callback topless-back if you will, but EgoReader ‘Damien’ insists that he might actually die if we don’t share the full set of photos from almost ten years ago now that that lucky bastard Terry Richardson took of the wonderfully almost nekkid Diora Baird, just a babe in the woods back then. Well, we get lots of ‘about to die’ letters, but Damien’s seemed more legit than others since it included actual medical charts, and, like we’ve said a thousand times, especially nice funbags can save the world, one soul at a time.

So, we honor those life saving skills of beautiful melons with a look at the ridiculously hot and sweet bare body of Diora Baird to kickstart out Friday. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Kat Dennings Cleavetastic, Diora Baird Topless (Twice!), Olga Kurylenko Nekkid, and Much Much More…

Kat Dennings Outtakes in Williams + Hirakawa Phootshoot
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Here we go again with our very favorite communal moment of the week and this one is a doozy. The time when every Egotastic! boy and girl brings their personal marshmallows to the campfire for some scary stories, a stiff glass of cocoa, and the melting of the sextastic smores we like to call Reader Finds.

This week’s blessed bounty of booty and the boobtastic include Kat Dennings flashing her cleavage to a naughty bear, Diora Baird topless today and of yesteryear, Olga Kurylenko of Bond movie fame quite nekkid, Christina Ricci nipple pokes, Lucy Pinder playing topless Supergirl, Kari Byron still chesty awesome in new Mythbusters show caps, Entourage actress Janet Montgomery topless on TV, Michelle Hunziker flashing her nips, Aussie actress Rhiannon Fish bikini bosomy amazing, Katherine Heigl classic cleavage, Jessica Lowndes panties peek upskirt, Jessica Szohr nude body painted, and model Sara Ziff topless. It’s all good.

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Diora Baird Gets Hot and (Covered) Topless in the Garden

Oh, man, how hot is Diora Baird these days? She’s smoking hot. She’s Charlie Sheen porn star money hot. She’s Lindsay Lohan jewelry hot, although that’s a different kind of hot I guess. Diora Baird, one of our truly underrated hotties who I fell in lust with during Wedding Crashers, goes full on sextastic in these sweet gardening pictures from the upcoming edition of Maxim magazine. Now, I’ve never been known as a green thumb, but if Diora Baird were all kinds of nekkid in my backyard, I might actually start paying attention to the dying shrubs I think I’m supposed to be watering every now and then. Enjoy.

FHM 2011 Calendar Reminds Us of a Past Year of Hotness

As we head toward the end of 2010, the 2011 FHM calendar is a great reminder of some of the hotness from this past year, more specifically, the best of the FHM magazine picture sets from this past season. Leading with this past January photos of the super sexy Rachel Stevens, and picking up lust-speed with the likes or Olivia Munn, Kelly Brook, Audrina Patridge, Diora Baird, Frankie Sandford, Marisa Miller, and Michelle Keegan, well, it’s been a wonderful year of sextastic celebrity on the British lads magazine. Really some of my favorite shots of this past year. Now, I’m making myself tear up a bit. This always happens around the holidays for me, just thinking of the amazingly hot women we’re all going to see in the coming year, each year just gets better and better. Enjoy.

See more of Rachel Stevens and other cover girls at FHM.com.

Diora Baird Brings the Big Guns Out to Play

No idea where this super hot photo of Diora Baird came from, but thanks to Egotastic! super reader, “Gavin D.” for supplying us with one super sexy photo of this woman I first fell in deep lust with during my sixteenth viewing of Wedding Crashers on DVD. Um, boobtastic doesn’t even begin to describe the hotness of this fast rising sexy actress, although it does help. I’m not one for superlatives, but the 32DD guns brought to bear by Ms. Baird are perhaps the sexiest fun bags currently bouncing their way around Hollywood today. Yep, I went there. And I’d like to go there again, with Diora Baird. Enjoy.

Diora Baird, Natasha Alam, and Christian Serratos: FHM Hottie Vamps (VIDEO)

I had this recurring dream during my third year of college; in this frightening nocturnal picture show, I would be laying in bed, unbound but unable to move, while some vampiric beast was sucking the blood from my body until I literally withered lifeless. Every night, for almost three months straight, I had this horrific night vision. One evening, the dream became so intense, I startled awake, and, there, standing next to my bed, holding a freshly drawn pint of my precious AB+, was my broke-ass roommate, Tully Ugoretz. That motherfucker was stealing my blood to sell for weed money!

This new movie and television vampire craze perturbed me greatly until I came upon those wicked hot she-vamps in True Blood and Twilight, who our friends at FHM put together this month in a bloody sextastic photospread, including these Diora Baird, Natasha Alam, and Christian Serratos sexy lingerie pictures. To ask which of these deliciously fanged-babes is the absolute sexiest sucker is a question worthy of a delightful, no-wrong answer type debate. Feel free to engage, and, enjoy.

FHM, bless their hottie-loving hearts, put together a brief promo clip featuring Diora Baird all (covered) nude and having her picture taken.

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