Diane Lane

80th Academy Awards Mega Picture Post

It’s Oscar time again, and that means tons and tons of pictures from this year’s 80th Academy Awards. If you didn’t watch the show, you didn’t miss too much, though this time around was quite a bit more bearable than years past. If only because they only ran about 15 minutes long, instead of an extra hour or two like usual.

But getting down to business, it’s all about the Oscar fashions, and those sexy dresses. Things were kept fairly conservative this year, but some of my favourites were Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, Diane Lane, Ellen Page, Heidi Klum, Hilary Swank, Jessica Alba (looking pretty damn good for a pregnant girl), Katherine Heigl, and my personal favourite of the night, the absolutely perfect Keri Russell.

Of course, their were lots more ladies on the red carpet, and you can find them all after the jump, with nearly 200 pictures.

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14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Mega Picture Post

So the Screen Actors Guild Awards went ahead as planned, unlike the Golden Globes, and for once, people actually care about the SAG awards. Well, not really, but since this might be the only award show we get this year, everyone’s really excited about seeing all the celebrities in their fancy dresses.

One particularly noteworthy attendee was Angelina Jolie, who showed up wearing a giant bed sheet of a dress, which is so obviously covering up her double-sized, twin-laden baby bump. But if you want to know who looked especially yummy, don’t miss Amanda Bynes, Carla Gugino, Diane Lane, Eva Longoria, Kate Beckinsale (my fave), Michelle Pfeiffer (looking as good as ever), and Sophia Bush.

Of course, there were a lot more ladies there, and you can check them all out after the jump. There are over 150 pictures in all.

Here’s a little preview:

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Diane Lane Still Looks Amazing

So, according to the magical Internets, Diane Lane is 41 years old, but I totally don’t care. She has still got be one of the sexiest ladies around.

Seeing her in these pictures from the Venice Film Festival, where she is promoting her new film Hollywoodland, with Ben Affleck and Adrien Brody, I was both surprised, and not surprised to see her looking so good. On the one hand, she always looks great, and as far as aging goes, she’s definitely not going down the same road as Madonna.

Of course, I wasn’t expecting her to look this good. I mean that is one sexy lady. And she is a lady. There’s none of that teenage insecurity that you find in the likes of Lindsay Lohan.

Now, can someone just explain to me why Ben Affleck is such a dork.

Tons more pictures of Diane Lane looking stunning at the Venice Film Festival after the jump.