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Diana Falzone Sexy Swimsuit Pictures Are Our Favorite Form of Hello

Well, hello, old friend.

We were wondering what our very favorite Jersey Girl was up to, so we sent a letter by way of homing pigeon to Diana Falzone in her fantabulous Big Apple loft and what came back, well, four very delicious photos of the multi-media hottie. At any given time, the uber-busy Diana has like thirty-seven jobs, primarily reporting and dispensing valuable life advice to women who are ready to hear the truth, and to men who will stop ogling Diana long enough to actually pay attention. She’s like a Dr. Phil with a body that could shipwreck fleets (I’ve seen Dr. Phil in a gym locker room before, trust me, there’s no comparison). And, we’re fortunate enough today to see Diana in a bathing suit her parents would’ve grounded her for the entire summer for wearing to the local pool.

Thanks for the update the way we like them best, Diana. Enjoy.

(Among her countless assignments, Diana Falzone is the relationship expert for Military.com. Check out her column. Be a better person. Be happy. Get girls.)

Diana Falzone Lingerie Pictures Uncork The True Power of the Jersey Girl (VIDEO)


Here’s a little secret about the good and bell-curve midpoint intelligence folks who work at Egotastic! — we love sexy celebrity women. And, anyway we can get these amazing looking women to come visit us, well, that’s the one day of the week we all take showers (not together, mind you) and put on our nicest pairs of sandals.

We invited our friend and blogger and radio and online hostess to the stars (she also does stuff for Maxim we’re too jealous to talk about) Diana Falzone to visit us for an interview, and, she said, ‘yes’, which is something unusual to begin with, but when she asked if she could bring along her hot-off-the-digital-presses lingerie pictures to share with the Egotastic! audience, well then we just assumed we were being hornswoggled. But, no. It’s true. OMG, as the kids say. Holy Eff! as my dad used to say. And all things in between. This Jersey Girl undresses up quite nicely. Looking back on her visit, I probably should’ve put out the good mints, not the ones we stole from the restaurant cashier bowl at Denny’s. Enjoy.

(Photo credit: Michael Stewart)

Check Out Our 2 Random Minutes Interview With Diana Falzone (VIDEO) »

Recap of Tila Tequila Paltalk Interview At Egotastic! (VIDEO)

Man, we had a ton of fun last week when Tila Tequila came to visit our offices for her Paltalk interview with our favorite hot Jersey girl, Diana Falzone. The thing we love about Tila, well, obviously, there’s the sexy little exotic minx thing going on, and, yeah, the mysterious Sapphic lesbionic thing going on, but she’s also just funny as hell. You could do worse for a stranded-on-a-desert-island girlfriend.

For those of you who wrote in because you missed the interview, here’s a brief video recap of the Paltalk chat here in our offices. Enjoy.

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Diana Falzone Sexy Swimsuit Pictures For The Furiously Fapping G4TV Fanboys

Our favorite G4TV field correspondent, Diana Falzone, called me on our tin-can-and-string phone line and asked me if I was keeping up with her Hot Mess Comic; I kind of hemmed and hawed until she sent me these ridiculously sexy boobtastic pictures from a Frank Sepe photoshoot for the upcoming MET-Rx magazine. Consider my attention now at, well, full-attention. These sexy Diana Falzone swimsuit pictures are going on my wall of happiness in very short order. Hot Mess indeed. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Frank Sepe for MET-Rx Magazine