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Demi Moore Brings the MILF Heat to Lead the Sexy Pack at Bulgari Event

Charity events in Tinsel Town aren’t quite like your average local neighborhood fundraiser. Lots of super hot celebrities are assembled, decked out in wardrobes, makeup, jewelry, botox and silicon to the bazillions of dollars; but, in then end, money is raised for worthwhile causes, and, well, we get to ogle a gaggle of sextastic on the red carpet. Such is the case with last night’s Bulgari Event, where some veteran sexy bombs put on their finest to cut the crimson rug for the benefit of the children, and there was some prime talent on display. I’m going to pick Demi Moore as the hottie di tutti hottie of the event, because until you can show me another 48-year old woman who looks this amazing, well, beauty and age before beauty.

Other wonderments at last night’s event included Malin Akerman, Olivia Wilde, Kirsten Dunst, and Milla Jovovich. It’s the type of lineup that I’d definitely follow into just about any party (though my invitations keep getting lost in the mail for some reason). Enjoy.

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Young Demi Moore Nude Pictures Shout Out to Brittney Jones, ‘Get Your Boobs Off My Future Husband!’


(Shout out to Egotastic! superfan, Marianne, for inspiring this post. Marianne knows hot chick nudes like Kim Kardashian knows dudes. Deep knowledge.)

Before we get started, we should address the 800-lb beaver in the room — Demi Moore bush. Wow. Okay, this was nearly three decades ago, before my addiction to furry cosplay even had a name, so, bear with us, as it were.

Demi Moore was, is, always has been hot. These classic Demi Moore nude pictures from Oui magazine have Demi at a barely legal phase of her life, oh, much like Brittney Jones, the she-bang mistress of Demi’s current cougar cub husband, Ashton Kutcher. Is there a grand social point to be made here about trust and fidelity? Some statement about the follies of youth and ambitious young nude hotties trying to catch a break in Hollywood? Naw, just looking for an excuse to show off the amazing Demi Moore (pre-silicone implants) and her ridiculous bush!

Have a great weekend from your friends at Egotastic!

Uncensored Nude, After-Sex Photos of Brittney Jones, Ashton Kutcher’s Revealed Mistress (RadarOnline Exclusive to Egotastic!)


According to our friends at RadarOnline, the 21-year old Brittney Jones was most definitely the young woman on the receiving end of the Ashton Kutcher fifth appendage this summer whilst Demi Moore was out of town for work. To be more specific, Ashton Kutcher and Brittney Jones knocked adulterous boots on the family couch while Ma Cougar was away a’hunting. Being that we are Egotastic!, our thoughts went straight to the vital matter at hand: what’s this Brittney Jones girl look like naked? Well, with these exclusive to Egotastic! Brittney Jones uncensored nude pictures, you get a very good answer to that burning question. And, might I add as a completely objective observer, not too shabby, though Ms. Jones be a rather shrewd cat, according to RadarOnline (read the full story).

What to make of this (splattered) mess? Well, Demi Moore remains a ridiculously hot forty-something Hollywood MILF, but for at least one night, she got replaced in the mating position by the much younger Brittney Jones. And after examining these photos, it doesn’t take much imagination to estimate that precise position. Enjoy.

(To be clear, these Brittney Jones photos were not snapped ‘after-sex’ with Ashton Kutcher. Ashton Kutcher may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he ain’t that dumb.)

Visit RadarOnline for a full (SFW) set of Brittney Jones photos:

More photos of Brittney Jones at RadarOnline

Demi Moore Scores One For the Super Milfs

Well, here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson. Getting up into her latter 40′s, Demi Moore shows no signs of slowing down in body or soul, or body, or body. Damn, that MILFtastic body. And, just to shove it in your cougar loving face, Demi Moore sent out these sexy bikini pictures on Twitter, to let everybody know that she’s still in her prime. I’m inclined to agree. Enjoy.

Demi Moore’s Ass Gets Twittered, or Tweeted, or Twatted, or Something

So the big story for Interweb nerds around the Blogoscape this weekend was the news that Ashton Kutcher posted a picture of Demi Moore’s ass in a bikini on TwitPic, and then wrote about it on Twitter. You know Twitter, right? The new social networking, micro-blogging thing that everyone’s talking about, but no one really knows what the hell it is. Yeah, that Twitter. Anyway, point is, Ashton obviously has too much time on his hands (like everyone who uses Twitter), and will most probably be spending a few nights on the couch.

Here are Ashton’s “Tweets.” You can also “follow” Ashton on Twitter if you care.

watching my wife steam my suit while wearing a bikini. I love God!
9:43 AM Mar 21st from TweetDeck

I’m not wearing the bikini she is that’s what makes it so glorious
9:46 AM Mar 21st from TweetDeck

shhh don’t tell wifey
10:11 AM Mar 21st from TweetDeck

And here’s Demi Moore’s ass:

Demi Moore is Very Very in V Magazine

Sure, there’s some Photoshopping going on here, but there’s no doubt that Demi Moore looks pretty damn sexy in this photoshoot for V Magazine. Of course, fake boobs, face lifts, and what appear to be abs that are literally made of washboards, will generally keep you looking fit a lot longer than normal, but Demi actually pulls it off, and doesn’t look completely like a Hollywood robo-lady. And no, I can’t just say something nice, okay?

Demi Moore Bikini Pictures

Here’s are some Demi Moore bikini pictures from her vacation where she’s celebrating her second wedding anniversary with Ashton Kutcher. And while Demi looks alright for someone however the hell old she is, I think Ashton would have done better to hook up with some crazy hot twenty-something who doesn’t have a bunch of attention-hungry kids. Oh well, you live and you learn.

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