Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Making Her Way Back Into the Public Eye (Bonus Pics from Upcoming Elle)

There's an underground swell of Demi Lovato fans in our midst just swelling a bit more as their virtual girlfriend makes her way back before the cameras these days, showing off her hotness and wares. I'm just happy to see Demi back and seemingly in good spirits and increasingly good shape and looks. Check out Demi Lovato out on the town the other night, and, because we love how much many of you lust Demi, check out a sneak peek of her pictorial from the September edition of Elle. Enjoy.

Bangin’ Bongos

Audrina Patridge can barely contain her boobage. (Celebuzz)

Demi Lovato and Jojo squeeze close together. (Idolator)

Jessica Simpson shows her serious, serious curves. (HuffPo)

There can be only one Kim Kardashian. (FoxNews)

Paris Hilton gets pissed. (GossipCenter)

Is Britney Spears jealous of her MILF mom? (GossipCop)

Happy birthday, Gisele Bundchen! (TheChive)

Six to Midnight

Rachel McAdams and Penelope Cruz inspire woody. (HuffPo)

Bar Refaeli is going all out. (FoxNews)

Rashida Jones lesbianics with Zooey Deschanel. (HuffPo)

Demi Lovato gets bumped in the rear. (PopEater)

Why showering is crucial. (CollegeHumor)

Jessica Alba back in the day. (BuzzFeed)

Just a funny commercial. (TheChive)

Demi Lovato Twitpics Bikini Pic to Say She’s Fine

Well, I suppose if I were to suggest a means for a celebrity to let everybody know she's doing well after rehab, it'd be to send out a bikini picture of themselves. It's not that Demi Lovato is exactly back to top proportions after her convalescent stint, but I'm going to give her an 'A' grade for her bold decision to bikini twitpic and share her body with gentlemen oglers everywhere concerned with her well-being and her body-being. Hopefully, she will continue this self-publishing practice she recovers more and more and returns to young starlet hottie status. Enjoy.

Demi Lovato Boobtastic Twitpics Remind Us That We Really Miss Demi Lovato

Here's to hoping 2011 brings some inner peace and more awesome twitpics from Demi Lovato, who remains in rehab for her complicated personal problems, none of which can possibly revolve her not being hot enough.

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez Personal Picture As a Get Well to Demi

Today we're lighting a candle for Demi Lovato, talented, starlet, Egotastic! hottie.

(Visit our friends at Celebuzz for news and updates on Demi Lovato entering rehab today.)

Demi Lovato Thong Song Kinda (VIDEO)

At long last, my chance to talk about Joe Jonas! Ah, just kidding, seriously, roll the garage door back up, this is all about the sexy Disney graduate of 2010, Demi Lovato, just turned eighteen and apparently taking a few wardrobe risks in concert finally, even if it means pressing the limits on this skin tight minidress that hid very little, including her mighty thong lines beneath that sheer frock. For your viewing pleasure, I turned down the volume on this concert clip (from screech to mild screech), but it really is a must see if you are a man prone to enjoy Demi Lovato butt and boobs and thongs and such and have a minute to spare. I am such a man. And I have had a minute to spare thirty-seven times now over. Enjoy.

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