Daria Werbowy

Naomi Campbell and Daria Werbowy Topless Among Supermodel Friends in Black and White

Stephanie Seymour, Naomi Campbell and More Nekkid for Interview Magazine 2013
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We brought you the Stephanie Seymour portion of this earlier this week, but, now, the entire delicious black and white supermodel spread from Interview magazine, featuring the aforementioned Stephanie, Linda Evangelista, Amber Valletta, Kate Moss, Christy Turlington, Daria Werbowy, and Naomi Campbell, the latter two of whom are flashing their uncovered model type funbags.

What do you call it when such a monumental cast of veteran supermodels get together for a nearly nekkid photoshoot together? No names. Just the pleasant exhale of contentment. Enjoy.

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Daria Werbowy Topless and Smoking Hot in Elle Magazine


If there’s one thing we lust, it’s incredibly sextastic supermodels appearing in the fashion magazines of more enlightened lands where toplessness is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. Super smoking hot Daria Werbowy, perhaps best known as the face of Lancome, got fashionably see-through and topless for Elle magazine’s edition in Argentina this month, flashing her finer assets at the ocean’s edge. 

Simple. Hot. Sexy. Just the way we like it. Enjoy.

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Daria Werbowy Pushes Up a Double Shot of Heaven for Vogue

I kind of feel like it’s our duty here to bring exposure to supermodels exposing themselves in any way at any time at any location on this planet. Included under this general hotness prime directive is most definitely the uber-sexy face of Lancome, the mighty Cannuck, Daria Werbowy, appearing this month in Vogue Russia pushing up her delicious melons in some skimpy black lingerie and generally making a delightful spectacle of herself. And thank you for that, Daria. Enjoy.

Daria Werbowy Gets Topless for the Madame


Now, confession, I’m not a Lancôme user. When it’s time to coverup the oddly arisen sunburn marks on my bum, I’m strictly Maybelline. Having said that, if Lancôme hottie supermodel spokesgirl Daria Werbowy keeps popping up with her boobtastic popping out, well, I may just switch brands. Product loyalty is only skin deep for me. The more skin the better. These Daria Werbowy topless pictures from Madame Figaro magazine show the Eastern European born hottie in her fully spectacular and sextastic glory. Damn, I hope Daria gets my e-vite for our Cinco De Mayo party; she’s going to be my pinata banging partner, as it were. Enjoy.

Daria Werbowy Nude Pictures for the Face of Lancome and the Body of a Goddess


It’s time to re-introduce Daria Werbowy. Best known for being the worldwide super hottie pimpstress for makeup brand Lancôme and being the sextastic model I stare at far too long in my girlfriend’s magazines until I get smacked, but known by today’s Egotastic! readers for simply being sexy and nude and wonderful all over. These Daria Werbowy nude pictures (designed to be a calendar of sorts) from this month’s Vogue France have me blushing au natural, no need for artificial color in these cheeks. Come right in, Daria Werbory, please, take off your coat, make yourself at home. And, enjoy.

Daria Werbowy and Lara Stone Nude in Industrie Magazine, and in Bikinis for H&M


Daria Werbowy and Lara Stone will appear nude in the first issue of Industrie magazine in an article entitled “How to Look Good Naked.” I think the answer is to be a crazy hot Supermodel. So far, though, we’ve only got the Daria Werbowy nude pictures on hand. However, she does do full frontal nudity, so that should tide us over until we get the Lara Stone nude pictures we really want. The shots were done by Patrick Demarchelier who also shot these Daria Werbowy and Lara Stone bikini pictures for H&M, so I think they probably did both shoots at the same time (hence this sort of mashup post). Also appearing in the H&M bikini pictures us Supermodel Erin Wasson, and a couple other hotties I don’t recognize.

And speaking of Patrick Demarchelier. I could think of worse people to be like. He’s an awesome photographer, plus he gets paid tons of money to take pictures of the most beautiful women in the world in bikinis or less. Yeah, it must suck to be him… Stay tuned for the Lara Stone nude pictures. When we get em, you’ll get em.