Danni Wells

Rosie Jones, Lucy Pinder, Holly Peers, and Other Hotties Topless Behind the Scenes of the Hot Shots 2014 Calendar

BTS of Rosie Jones, Holly Peers, Lucy Pinder and Friends Topless Hotshots 2014 Calendar
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What can you say about a calendar that features the likes of Rosie Jones, Danni Wells, Sophie Howard, Holly Peers, Lucy Pinder, and Kelly Hall in and out of various bikini and low cut outfits, flashing their bare funbags for the love of all things 2014? Well, you can say, come on January 1, I know it’s only August, but you can’t get here soon enough.

We love us some wicked hot boobtastic Britty glamour models. When you start getting them together, in and out of pools and fun cosplay costumes, in and out of their clothes, our love turns to full on lust and a desire to start buying things. Starting with the 2014 Hot Shots calendar when that must-be-amazing eye popper comes to market. Selling to us is ever so simple. Enjoy.

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Lacey Banghard Declares Chest-War on Danni Wells in Our Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic

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Ladies, ladies, now everyone just simmer down. There’s protocols to be followed in the Battle of the Boobtastic. You can’t just whip out the teats and dare your opponent to take you on. Not that that wouldn’t be the most awesome thing ever invented. But there’s also something to be said for decorum. And on Egotastic!, we are all about the formalities.

So, in a more civilized manner, we must ask you, how do the lovely lady humps of the most esteemed chest of Page 3 model Lacey Banghard compare to the fine unfeathered friends upon the frontside of the gorgeous Danni Wells, if you were forced to decide upon the matter. As you are now so forced. For despite our perfect etiquette, we can’t deny the overriding directive that one set of melons must win, and one must lose, herein, today. So, I ask you, whose ta-ta’s reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Lacey Banghard vs. Danni Wells

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Danni Wells Goes Blonde to Blonde with Nicole Neal in the Battle of the Boobtastic

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Do blondes have more fun? Well, they have some stiff, make them, fluffy, competition this week in the Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic as delightfully delicious Danni Wells pits her two chest puppies up against the fully loaded fineries of Nicole Neal. Two blonde bombshells exploding with funbag goodness.

While modern culture self-esteemers would like us to declare both girls as winners so everybody can go home happy, veterans of these jug battles know that a victor must be crowned. One winner, one not winner who we’d love to console in our tents after the event. So, you must decide. Who’s ta-ta’s reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Danni Wells vs. Nicole Neal

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Courtnie Quinlan Pits Her Puppies Against Danni Wells In an Epic Battle of the Boobtastic

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Sometimes, I cry a little tear when I think about the fact that one supremely fine woman with one even finer body goes home a loser each Thursday following our weekly Battle of the Boobtastic. I pull out my Stars Wars original series handkerchief and dab the wet spot from my cheek as I think of slumped shoulders, or, even worse, slumped funbags, departing the Thunderdome of the Teats in dismay and defeat.

And while I’d like to say that there are no losers in a chest-to-chest matchup between two ridiculously hot Page 3 celebrity models, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that to the victor goes the spoils, of attention, fame, and inner feelings of self-worth. So, let’s get down to the difficult decision. In today’s chesty chess match, the delicious Courtnie Quinlan vs. blonde veteran hottie Dannie Wells, I ask you, whose ta-ta’s reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Courtnie Quinlan vs. Danni Wells

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Rhian Sugden and Danni Wells Wish You a Very Topless Hottie Christmas (VIDEO)

Rhian Sugden and Danni Wells Topless for Page 3 Christmas Shoot Screencaps
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Do you know why so many people get depressed around the holidays? Because these people do not understand that the holidays are not about family, or giving, or merriment, or junk like that, it’s all about the ridiculous bevy of Christmas-themed topless photo shoots. Case in point, Rhian Sugden and Danni Wells just playing in fake snow and flashing funbags for your yuletide pleasure and for Page 3.

This holiday season, try to narrow focus to the areas below the chin and above the waist on your favorite celebrity hotties and I think you’ll find that you’re no longer feeling blue (well, not in the head at least). Enjoy.


Danni Wells Goes Ta-2-Ta with Holly Peers in Our Thursday Page 3 Tubular Throwdown


It just wouldn’t be a proper Thursday without a proper spot of Tea and A, courtesy of our friends at Page 3, who continuously simply roll off the tops of some of Britain’s hottest women to feature in their periodical, and for us to periodically stage a funbag battle to see which tube tops our readers prefer.

This week’s flesh filled showdown features veteran hottie Danni Wells putting her soft and delicious mammaries up against always fan-favorite Holly Peers, who would not be the champ she is were she shy about flashing her lovely udders. In my world, the octagon is perfectly round and all its combatants extremely perky. Enjoy.

Danni Wells vs. Holly Peers, Who Takes This Week's Page 3 Topless Battle?

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Amii Grove and Danni Wells Battle for Funbag Glory in Thursday’s Page 3 Boob-Off


We preach the doctrine of non-violence here at Egotastic! Make love to hot women, not war with ugly dudes. But, on occasion, there is the need for righteous battle, for good to battle gooder, busty to battle bustier, for a battle between Page 3 topless hotties. Our booblust must be served.

In this week’s ever epic ta-on-ta competition, we have blonde hottie Danni Wells of so many legendary dreams of mine taking on Amii Grove, who if you’re an Egotastic! scholar will remember as one of the topless woodland warriors in the ‘Booby Trap’ scene from Your Highness.

Who’s beautiful funbags reign supreme on this day of Thor? As always, you must decide for yourself, preferably in the quiet space of your locked bathroom or basement hideaway. Enjoy.

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