Dagmara Bajura

READER FINDS: Magdalena Frackowiak Topless, Elyse Taylor Nekkid, Abigail Breslin Bra Top, and Much Much More…

Dagmara Bajura Sexy Lingerie Photoshoot
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Here we are, the most refreshing day of the week that foretells of a mini-vacation of a weekend and, more importantly, the coming together of the Egotastic! community to build a campfire filled with celebrity skin. A little something our forefathers took to calling Reader Finds. It’s not just a media sensation, it’s my one and only hobby.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the blessedly busty Dagmara Bajura in both bikini and topless form (thank you to EgoReader ‘Stephanie’ for this bit of wonderment), fine thespianic Keeley Hawes nekkid on the silver screen (contribution from ‘Devon’), Isabella Adjani topless from the wayback machine of the early 1980′s (throwback to ta-ta’s provided by ‘Aaron’), hot hot hottie Helena Christiansen from an Agent Provocateur campaign (veteran model hotness via ‘Cameron’), Frenchy actress Ludivine Sagnier and a few of her friends topless for cinematic glory (francophile faptastic provided by ‘Hilly’), Ana Ayora nekkid in the quite recent Big Wedding (more skinematic goodness from ‘Leo’), model Alexis Ren in bikinis on social media (picked out by ‘Sjoerd’), Dutch model Marloes Horst quite topless and wonderful (blessings from the mind of ‘Chris’), Elyse Taylor perfectly nekkid (lovingly gifted by ‘Michael), more more more Christelle nekkid portraits (Canadian treats brought to the party by ‘Leroy’), Elisabetta Gregoraci topless (yum a dub dub from another ‘Chris’), Abigail Breslin onscreen and busting out of her bra (thank you for the lovely garbage, ‘Trash’), and, last, but not least in any way whatsoever, model beauty Magdalena Frackowiak topless and baring her beauties (kudos to ‘Chris’ uno mas). Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags! Dagmara Bajura Shows Off Her Ridiculously Fine Female Form in the Great Outdoors

Dagmara Bajura Goes All Natural in Nature for Topless Shoot
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Dagmara Bajura is known far and wide, and big and busty, for her outrageously hot and full chest puppies that she loves to exhibit in very artsy, highly stylized natural settings. And, the great outdoors has never looked so damn fine.

Each and every day on this little site, we extoll the virtues of beautiful women with beautiful bodies, with an especially strong lean toward the chestal area where we find so much suckling soothing time. And with Dagmara, wow, I could suckle for a lifetime. I mean, provided she allowed me to. I would ask nicely, then cry as necessary until she put me on her boob just to get me to STFU. Whatever it takes to get what it is you need. Thank God It’s Funbags!