Crystal Harris

Crystal Harris Bikini Pictures for the Mrs. Playboy Public Pimping Party

Crystal Harris is now officially married to Hugh Hefner. If you follow Hef on Twitter, you can read about all their engaging late night backgammon sessions. But, I suppose on occasion, a Playmate still needs to get away and spread her wings, err, chest and let the ogling begin.

Such was Crystal Harris pimping for the Sapphire Beach Club in Vegas over the holidays. She brought along some of her Playboy girlfriends as well, perhaps to let you know that if you come to the day club, you might just have group sex with a bunch of Playboy girls. That’s the fantasy at least. Certainly mine. Right now. Must go get swim trunks. Enjoy.

Crystal Harris Has a Swimsuit Line, Just What the World Needed (At Least We Get To See Her In It)

Playboy Playmate and on-again off-again girlfriend/fiance of Hugh Hefner has launched her new swimwear line intended for women who have Playboy bodies and want to turn the heads of wealthy octogenarians, so, a limited audience, but for those ladies, if they can look like Crystal Harris in these swimsuits, I suppose they will plunk down the shekels.

Still, I think when it comes to nekkid models, you have to consider what you’re selling and I think navel rings and necklaces seems more contextually relevant. Plus, I wouldn’t mind seeing Crystal modeling just those. Enjoy.

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The Playboy Playmate 2012 Calendar: One Dozen Topless Maidens All in a Row



‘Tis the season to be purchasing your 2012 Wall Calendars and you could do a lot worse for your frat house, pre-mandated sexual harassment training office time, parent’s basement, or just plain gift to the man who sired you, hired you, or just plain inspired you than the Playboy Playmate Calendar, including a bevy of topless busty beauties, including Crystal Harris, who left Hef at the altar earlier this summer. Ouch. Now there’s a memorable date not to remember.

Imagine the familiar tingle on the last day of each month, turning the page ever so slowly, assuming it’s unstuck, and displaying the Playboy Playmate hotness for the coming lunar cycle. Quite a way to mark your days, and nights. Enjoy.
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Crystal Harris Can’t Runaway From Being Hot and Topless in New Playboy



God bless, Heff. The octogenarian publisher releases nekkid photos of Crystal Harris, his hottie 20-something wife-to-be, in his own bleepin’ magazine timed exactly with his own wedding date. That’s pretty damn close to Icarus taking those waxy wings up too close to large solar panel in the sky. Just too much. And, inevitably, karma stepped in an Crystal ran from the altar, and probably in a pair of crotchless panties too. Still, we’ll always have July. Playboy July that is, where you can see what Heff will now not be seeing on his next wedding night (I know, poor Heff, only constant and unending sex with Playboy models for more than five decades). Enjoy.

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