Courtnie Quinlan

Page 3 Topless Hotties! Mellisa, Courtnie, India, Nicole And Sam

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Oh, yes, the return of my many lovely virtual girlfriends from across the pond. The beautiful British birds that soar to such esteemed heights, all the better to catch a glimpse of their might magnificent funbags in full glory mode. The Page 3 Girls of Old Country lore here to bring on new urges, tingles, and all-over smiles. They are my Avengers.

This week’s grab bag of Page 3 funbags includes Mellisa Clarke, Courtnie Quinlan, India Reynolds, Nicole Neal, and Sam Cooke. It’s hard to know if you’re party is the party of the year, but if this sweet pot of sextastic girls is hanging by the pool, just give yourself a medal. This is world class goodie baring at it’s finest. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Page 3

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Courtnie Quinlan Topless In Bikini Bottoms

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Holy jubblies, Batman, Courtnie Quinlan is hot. She’s got the kind of boobage that is so huge it almost leaps off your screen to slap you in the face. Why don’t computers do that by the way? Apple or whoever really needs to get on the lady melon 3D technology. But in the meantime, we have Courtnie’s mammoth jugs barely contained in a series of flimsy bras. Then she dispenses with the bras all together and sets her puppies free. And oh, sweet Lord are they glorious. I’m a bit of an expert in the boobtastic arts and I can honestly say that hers are something special. But let’s talk about that big round booty, shall we? She gives us a nice pressed view of it against the glass and it is enough to make me a little faint.

And she’s legit pretty. Her face is truly striking. She’s the kind of woman everyone, male or female, stares at in awe when she enters a room.

Photo Credit: Page 3/Instagram

Rosie Jones, Courtnie Quinlan, and Holly Peers Topless Hotness in Our Page 3 Peekaboo

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Now that Page 3 and it’s bevy of beauties is back, we feel obliged to peek into the locker room of changing bikini bottom only girls to see how things are going. It’s sort of my benevolent duty and quite possibly my only remaining superpower. Hence, an ogle at the super fine female forms that are Rosie Jones, Courtnie Quinlan, and Holly Peers, no longer in battle, for the moment, but more like sorority poolside perfection.

I do so love the Britty girls with bodacious ta-ta’s. Young brunettes who gives so much to so many for so little. Alas for them, great for us. They really do provide that bit of cheeky goodness a man needs before setting off to sea or just trying to get up off the couch after a particularly compelling episode of Murder She Wrote. Bless you bubbly English ladies and the tops you took off to get us here. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: The Sun Page 3

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Sam Cooke and Courtnie Quinlan Throw Down the Chesty Gauntlet for the Battle of the Boobtastic



When four ta’s go to war. Well, actually totally wonderful things happen. If only all of the world’s problems could be solved with conflict limited to pitting perfect sets of funbags up against one another. Nobody gets hurt. Everybody gets happy peeks. The Battle of the Boobtastic remains my dream.

And speaking of dreams, what about the outrageously hot Sam Cooke throwing down the perfect teats against brunette succulent Courtnie Quinlan who has men throwing flowers in her path as she travels the streets of London. As so they both deserve. Though, today, here and now and in this place, only one of these two luscious lasses may go home the winner, the other, treated to a bath of humble. It’s up to you to decide. In your ten thousand hours of experience examining boobtastic, in your opinion, whose ta-ta’s reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Sam Cooke vs. Courtnie Quinlan

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Photo credit: Page 3 Magazine

Rosie Jones Chest Challenges Courtnie Quinlan in the Battle of the Boobtastic

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Sometimes, you’ve just got to say, hey, hot lady, what you got there under that top that’s so darn special? What I like to do is say that to two super fine ladies knowing full well that what each of them has under their tops is so damn enticing I will probably collapse to the floor in a splash of my own flop sweat. Nevertheless, the greater good is served in a little challenge we like to call the Battle of the Boobtastic.

This week’s outstandingly sextastic contestants are young veteran champ Rosie Jones and her udders of perfection challenged by the brunette stunner Courtnie Quinlan. One woman will walk away the winner, the other, well, just have to settle for being a great looking woman with a near perfect body. Alas and alack. It remains up to you to decide, to the victor go the eyeball spoils. In your expert opinion, between these two pillars of the passion inducement, whose ta-ta’s reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Rosie Jones vs. Courtnie Quinlan

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Lissy Cunningham Blonde Rack Attacks Courtnie Quinlan in the Battle of the Boobtastic

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You really hate to see blonde on brunette chesty violence. And, by hate, I mean you want to buy front row seats and a bag of circus peanuts candy, which I’m pretty sure are a healthy source of protein. But darn if Lissy Cunningham and her blonde ambitions isn’t throwing down this week in the Battle of the Boobtastic against petite but busty brunette Cournie Quinlan to see who has the finer chest puppies in the final week of August.

Game on. I haven’t been able to make an important decision since I went with PB&J over cheese sandwich in first grade cafeteria. So, I turn to you, my faithful readers and office time wasters. In your vaunted, valued, and otherwise prurient opinion, whose ta-ta’s reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Lissy Cunningham vs. Courtnie Quinlan

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Lacey Banghard Gets Into the Ta-Ta Ring With Courtnie Quinlan; It Be Battle of the Boobtastic Time!

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I’m a pacifist by nature and temperament. I take that whole make love not war slogan to heart. Not for political reasons. I just really like making love. And women. War is not as fun. But we still do have that competitive instinct for battle and dominance. So, I’ve combined my passion with the cathartic feel of gladiator battles by pitting two sweet hotties with amazing racks against one another in the arena of the awesome we like to call, the Battle of the Boobtastic.

This week’s BOB features our finely monikered Lacey Banghard and her sweet plums against Courtnie Quinlan and her perfectly perty pair. It’s a chest to chest battle that can only be decided by the wisdom of your eyeballs and clicks. You must decide between two hotties, like Solomon, render a wise decision. I don’t envy you in these matters. But I do count on you. In your expert opinion, whose ta-ta’s reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Lacey Banghard vs. Courtnie Quinlan

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