Courtney Stodden

Courtney Stodden Goes Boobs to the Wall for L.A. Fashion Week

Whatever you can do, I can do better. I’m surmising that’s how Courtney Stodden feels seeing all the cleavage coming out for the start of L.A. Fashion week. I’m pretty sure it’s Fashion Week every week somewhere these days, but it’s still a pretty big deal around here, which means Courtney got decked out in her finest flesh puppies revealing gown to strut about one of the Fashion Week evening events.

Courtney is not waiting for opportunity to knock. She’s got her knockers out there chasing opportunity. If she convinces at least one hot model to start showing more skin herself this week, it’ll all be worthwhile. Cleavetastic shows tend to come in bunches, as it were. Enjoy.

Courtney Stodden Takes Her Puppies for a Street Walk

It’s hard to get noticed in this town, but Courtney Stodden is doing her darndest. Even when she can’t be in a bikini or less on the beach, she still manages to parade her twin resume builders around town in various low cut outfits and dresses so tight even the Kardashian Spanx machine gets jealous. I’ll say this for Courtney, she’s consistent.

The back-to-blonde young Hollywood comer has been making her way around town with her new manager, possibly her new boyfriend, and her supremely large funbags in search of gainful employment. She’s certainly receiving gainful leers. Which is like employment, though harder to pay the rent with, so I’ve learned. Enjoy.

Courtney Stodden Bikini Pictures Twirl and Flip and Flash Some Major League Ta-Ta’s

The cartwheel always eluded me as a child, you know, when I still did hopscotch and jacks and my mom insisted my name was Renee. Ah, grade school. So I’m not going to hate on Courtney Stodden, who even with her monumental enhancements managed to pull off a full and relatively decent cartwheel along the beach just to make sure anybody who wasn’t already staring at her ginormous funbags in a tiny bikini got a full and pleasant look.

Courtney is trying very hard to get noticed. I know many of you will tell me I’m part of the problem or some cliche like that for giving her attention. But I only share with you where my eyes go. If I was a automobile reporter, you’d see lots of high end vehicles, you’d also see the spectacular crashes. My mind is simple. It moves toward shiny objects. Feel free to go ahead and find your hot celebrity yabbos on PBS if you want intelligence. Enjoy.

Courtney Stodden Spares No Cleavage For Night of 100 Stars

I’ll say this about Courtney Stodden. She’s hard to miss at a party. Even a party of 100 stars, with that definition of ‘star’ being perhaps a bit on the liberal side. Nevertheless, Courtney seemed to be getting most of the gentleman ogler leering eyes pointed toward her fun-sized yabbos.

Courtney has been trying to get herself out in public as much as possible, to boost her career doing whatever it is she does. Going back to blonde may return all cameras in her direction, not to mention the sheer gravitational force of her biggun’ cans. She’s trying hard. I think that deserves some credit. If not a two handed squeeze with motorboat maintenance. Keep at it, Courtney. I think we’re getting closer. Enjoy.

P.S.  Yes, that’s Courtney’s mom in the see-through top in the third picture. Apple, tree, you know.

Courtney Stodden Goes Back to Blonde, Keeps the Funbags

If there’s one thing I know you care about, it’s what hair color Courtney Stodden is choosing for her current look. Well, I’m here to announce that she’s officially gone back to platinum blonde after a multi-month run as a brunette, which actually seemed to be popular among most people I talked to, but that’s not a statistical sampling.

In any event, she has clearly decided to keep the ginormous funbags completely the same, showing them off in their nearly full bounty at the salon where the media world waited in bated breath to see her hair coloring treatment. I’m not exactly sure what Courtney is up to these days, I just know she’s doing it with her chest hanging out. It’s not a bad constant Enjoy.

Courtney Stodden Bikini Beach Sports Partaking and Parading in the Tiny Two-Piece

Word is, Courtney Stodden has finalized her physical and otherwise separation from her long lasting marriage to her dad’s older uncle’s oldest best friend’s dad. She’s now officially and undoubtedly single again. To celebrate, Courtney Stodden took her curves and her bikini and her football and hit the beach with some guy we couldn’t possibly cared about if we tried, so we cut him out of the silly, but racktastic photos of  Courtney who is certainly improving upon her beach posing skill set.

Back in the day, when Courtney was just a teen, I mean, a younger teen, she had some awkward attempts at pulling off California beach girl. She seems to have it down pretty keen these days, including the thong bikini, the half-shirt, and the football. If you look like you’re in a beer commercial, you’re on the right track. Say what you will about Courtney Stodden, she’s improving. Enjoy.

Courtney Stodden Shows Off Her Killer Kongs for Date Night in Hollywood

Courtney Stodden is nineteen and single, or about to be, and she’s wasting little time getting back out there into the hot L.A. singles market with her sense of demure style and low-key wardrobe. Or, perhaps the opposite.

I mostly feel bad for Courtney’s date, who has to sit through dinner pretending not to stare at her ginormous hooters. We’ve all been there before, perhaps to a lesser circumference degree, but all the same, it can get awkward trying not to gaze awkwardly into such exposed expansive orbs. Gravity alone will draw the iris toward second base. Were I on a date with Courtney, I might employ my trick of referring to her biggish funbags as her sisters. For instance, ‘And would your sisters like a drink as well? Wait, are they legal yet?. Then we’d have a good laugh while I imagined entering the Motorboat Hall of Fame after dessert. Enjoy.