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Sextastic Twitpic Roundup Includes Rihanna Naughty, Kendall Jenner Booty, Kate Upton See-Through, and Much Much More…

A wise man might have predicted a year ago that the phenomenon of celebrities taking naughty or alluring photos of themselves would have slowly died down, what with all the public and private and backchannel scandals. Thankfully, Egotastic! has no wise men among us. We knew the trend was headed right in the opposite direction. Not only did we predict it, we lit candles and prayed for it.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes just a bevy of self-photo’ed celebrity hotness including Rihanna making it rain in a naughty strip club manner, Kendall Jenner in an impossibly tight dress and a bikini, Ashley Tisdale bikini vacation photos, Kate Upton see-through top, and just a bunch more self-published pics that you really must see from a bunch of famous chicks who lust themselves almost as much as you do. Enjoy.

Courtney Love Nipple Slips Her Way Into Being a Good Role Model


Oh, Courtney Love, how you slay us with your drunken wardrobe malfunctions, both intentional and those just sort of slurred out of your body. And it’s not as if there’s an off-limits venue for such a flash. Courtney Love barely and hardly contained her raggedy rack inside her dress at the after party for Hugo, the new instant family classic film from director Martin Scorsese.

For the parents it’s what they like to call a ‘teachable moment’ on the subject of mind altering substance. Talk about being scared straight. Kids, this is your future if you touch the pills and drinks. It’s possible Courtney Love’s nipple slips might just have saved some lives. Enjoy.

Courtney Love Surprisingly Drunk and Flashing Her Funbags to a Sao Paolo Concert Audience



Shocking, I know, but Courtney Love let herself get a bit carried away during her concert Sunday night in Sao Paolo, and, in addition to some drunken rambling rants about ‘Kurt fans’ and Dave Grohl being an a-hole, Courtney managed to bare her long suffering boobtastic for the amped up crowd, apparently so amped up they didn’t realize those were Courtney Love flesh puppies on display, not one of their countless Brazilian hotties.

For the record, we’ve seen Courtney Love in concert in the past couple of years. As generally fond fans of Hole, it’s mostly just lame and disappointing what’s become of her angry music turned into just dumb drunken pointless rants and hardly the breath to sing. Meh. But, eh, boobs. Enjoy.

Check Out Courtney’s Slobbering Rant on Video »

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Cannes Winds Up In A Giant Hottie Party Featuring Alessandra Ambrosio, Irina Shayk, and Bar Refaeli

It’s been a long, hotness week at Cannes. Next year, I swear, I’m going in person, even if I have to sleep on the public beach again.  Sexy actress rubbing elbows and bare backs with ridiculously hot models and a bunch of rich dudes with yachts and dark tans. It’s all there. And the big windup came last night at the amfAR Gala where the best of the hottest came together in a giant flaming visual orgy of decked-out sextastic that included Alessandra Ambrosio, Irina Shayk, Bar Refaeli, Doutzen Kroes, Elisabetta Canalis, Gwen Stefani, Michelle Rodriguez, Rosario Dawson, Mischa Barton, and Mila Jovovich.  Oh, yeah, Courtney Love was also there falling out of her top, so we thought that at least made her worth a couple ogles or two. Can you imagine how badly your neck would hurt after hanging out at a hottie hullabaloo like this? Enjoy.

Courtney Love Upskirt Pictures Are Halloween Horror Show (VIEWER WARNING ADVISORY)


For those with a questionable strength of stomach, look away, look away now. We were torn whether or not to post these Courtney Love upskirt pictures, but, as the site of record for all things celebrity and upskirt, we felt obliged. And, at the cost of Cousin Jonathan losing his lunch here on the floor of our offices. What lies up under this ridiculously short dress on Courtney Love can only be described as nightmarish. Consider yourselves warned.

Click if you dare!

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Courtney Love’s Nipples are Dazed and Confused


You probably don’t want to see these pictures of Courtney Love’s nipples from the new issue of Dazed and Confused magazine, but I had to post them if only to ask one question: What the fuck!? Seriously, Dazed and Confused, what were you thinking? Courtney Love has enough problems without showing off that she really doesn’t belong in a magazine, and especially not what amounts to being basically topless, except with that really not sexy bank robber in a stocking kind of look. Anyways, like I said, here’s an example of what happens when everything, and I do mean everything goes wrong.