Coty Alvarez

Coty Alvarez Topless Righteous Tanline Ta-Ta’s For Playboy Argentina

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Every time we visually revisit my favorite Argentinean Big Brother alumni Coty Alvarez, she has something spectacularly hot and body showing wise to contribute to our lexicon of all things female and passion inducing. The lovely brunette Sudamericana with the body that is built not to be missed is now going whole reveal in Playboy magazine in Argentina. It’s about time I get to give her my all-over stamp of approval. It’s a big stamp. You should see the ink-pad.

Coty reminds us that something female allure comes subtly, and sometimes it just smacks you in the face and says, do what I say, bitch. I’m good with both, Coty, depending on which way you’re leaning. With tanlines and tubes like you got, I’m good with pretty much anything you can concoct. Job well done, Coty. I can’t get your body out of my mind. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Playboy Argentina

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Coty Alvarez Topless Supergirl For Really Super Cosplay Sextastic

Coty Alvarez Topless Hottie Super Girl for Hombre Magazine
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You know of my very blase view of the Man of Steel cinematic fare this past month, but I’m anything but gun shy on the entire use of super hero powers, especially when applied thusly by Argentinean Big Brother alumn and hottie model Coty Alvarez in her Supergirl topless cosplay series for Hombre magazine.

You may recall that in Man of Steel the crash-landed explorer ship was missing one passenger, which fanboys are speculating is likely the Supergirl character for the next in the rebooted film sequence. If movie producers are smart, they’d look no further than the super hottie likes of Coty Alvarez in her glasses and flashing her ridiculously fine body during their casting call. Meh, they’ll probably go more conventional. I’m just giving a little hint as to how I will be bound to give that film a positive review. More Coty! So damn hot. Enjoy.

Coty Alvarez Topless, Flexible, and Bountiful for Maxim and Ta-Ta-Tuesday!

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You know of our lust for all things Big Brother related in Sudamericana, and the appreciation we feel for their super hot contestants who can’t wait to get out of the show house and onto the pages of the local revealing magazines to show you whatever inch of skin wasn’t revealed on the TV show.

We previously showed you delicious and DD-elightful photos of Coty Alvarez from Argentina Maxim, but now some additional photos of tremendous ta-ta-age have appeared with the sextastic Latina in all sorts of bendy, flexy, and downright passion inducing poses that we simply can not ignore, even if we tried. See if you get the same compulsion while ogling. Enjoy.

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Coty Alvarez Turns ‘Gran Hermano’ Fame Into En Fuego Topless Pictorial for Maxim

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I don’t need to get into the background of why Big Brother is so so much better overseas, or why dudes actually watch the show, glued to the tube, to see their nation’s hotties barely dressed, or sometimes undressed, trying to win however it is you actually win Big Brother, then awaiting the ultimate prize of seeing those same sextastic reality stars take it all off in the local gentleman’s magazines. It’s a cultural phenomenon that must be acknowledged as awesome.

And always deserving acknowledgement, the latest and greatest Gran Hermano graduate from the Argentinean edition of the show, Coty Alvarez, who was the super bikini hottie during the season of the show, and has no gracious taken off that bikini, thrown on some sudsy water, and opened herself up to wide-eyed viewing in Maxim Argentina. And she’s a keeper. A wet hot booty-full bandonkadonk keeper.

Just imagine a world where reality show stars take their clothes off for the cameras and you have a world where reality shows suddenly become watchable. Enjoy.

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