Cortney Palm

Cortney Palm Topless in ‘Sushi Girl’, Because Somebody Has to Be the Horny Fisherman, and Somebody the Sexy Fish

Cortney Palm is Nekkid in 'Sushi Girl' Screencaps
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We had an unkindly letter from Cortney Palm when she appeared in rather sweet looking stills from the horror flick, Silent Night, which was released this month on DVD. Lots of accusations. But we like to see these things as simple matters of personal opinion disagreement. Cortney may not prefer her sextastic body be ogled by the general public, but, I suppose this is the natural offshoot of baring her body onscreen and working that body to perfection in the gym so that it looks great on camera. If you think about it, we are the true victims here!

In any case, this all coincides quite nicely with EgoReader ‘Dave B.’ who wanted to remind us that Cortney also flashed her wicked hot looks sans clothing in the film Sushi Girl, where Cortney plays the role of sushi platter, and I guess we are ‘objectifying’ women by showing her playing the role of a sexy dish, or, then again, maybe we’re just appreciating a fine looking woman in her serious movie role. It’s all so confusing once the judgmental gloves come off.

We prefer to be like Ferdinand, just sit under our cork tree and smell the flowers and watch hot nekkid women. Life is as simple as you make it.  Enjoy.

Cortney Palm Topless and On the Run from a Killer Santa in ‘Silent Night’

Cortney Palm Topless Sreencaps in Silent Night 2012
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He knows if you’ve been naughty….

That’s the tagline for the seasonal horror flick Silent Night which drops on DVD/Blu-Ray this week. Killer Santa Claus? I suppose inappropriate touching of children at malls is a gateway into even more violent crimes.

But, more important than St. Nick on the loose with a shotgun on Christmas Eve is the highly desirable Cortney Palm, victim of yuletide horror in the flick who drops her top for some serious R-rated movie hotness. Now, we could make some silly double entendre about the name ‘Palm’, and, trust me, it’s hard to resist, but who has time for silly puns when there’s serious leering to do of Cortney’s sweet onscreen funbags?  Priorities abound. Enjoy.