Claudia Jordan

Claudia Jordan Wears A Plunging Dress To “Watch What Happens Live”

Sexy actress and model Claudia Jordan wore a revealing outfit for her appearance on Watch What Happens Live. Andy Cohen was treated to  plunging neckline that showed off all the cleav. No cleav was to be found anywhere else that night because Claudia used it all. Her funbags are a thing of beauty. I know that if those puppies were on my Price is Right showcase showdown that I would go all in to try and win them. I remember first seeing her on the Price is Right years ago, (yes, I sometimes watch the Price is Right), and thinking that she would one day be more than just a pretty face holding up Plinko chips or whatever.

Andy Cohen gets all the breaks. He gets to hang around all of these hot chicks with spectacular cleavage and he doesn’t even appreciate it. Life is unfair.

Photo Credit: INF

Claudia Jordan and Aisha Thalia Bikini Hot and Oily Fun Time Beach Weekend In Miami

Holy hotness, Batman. Nothing to see here, just a couple dark and lovely goddesses parading about in bikinis flashing their hot bodies and rubbing each other down with oil along the beach in Miami. Wow, Claudia Jordan and Aisha Thalia had quite the good time at the beach over the weekend on not one, but two separate swimsuit struts:

I’m sure I’ve not seen such loving gal pal goodness in some time in an area of stiff bikini competition, and even stiffer ogling gentleman. Claudia Jordan we’ve seen on the beach before and always gives us a thrill, but throwing in her boobtastic model friend Aisha Thalia, it’s almost too much. As if too much sextastic skin was ever enough. I’d love to spend the day at the beach with these two being the towel boy. Also, lotion spritzer. Yes, dear, that is lotion. Enjoy.

Claudia Jordan Bikini Pictures Drop the Hot Sherbet Bomb on Miami

Claudia Jordan remains one of our unsung hottie heroes in the Miami Beach bikini set. She doesn’t get crazy attention, she just brings her A-game every time she shows up, a sextastic stalwart in the two piece fine female form department even several years now after disappearing off our televisions screens.

You’ve got to admire the lady who shows up for public exhibition work without making a fuss or demanding an audience. She leads by example. Claudia is currently leading me to many impure thoughts about her sherbet colored bikini and how I’d like to melt the real stuff over her body in long slow drips and… well, the point is, she’s a pro. Nice work, Claudia. Enjoy.

Claudia Jordan Bikini Beach Photoshoot for Bootyriffic Bounty

We’ve seen a lot of candids of Claudia Jordan on the beach in Miami, now we get a chance to see her flexing her professional muscles (not to mention some of her killer curves) in an oceanside photoshoot showing off her fine female form.

Now, I know some of you aren’t the biggest fans of big and healthy booties, and, to paraphrase the poet Sir Mix A-Lot, pass those ladies with back on down to me. Round is definitely a complimentary term when referring to a lady’s bottomside. So is ‘must have now’ and ‘I feel a spanking coming on”, though you might want to use your inner voice on those last two when out in public. Enjoy.

Claudia Jordan Bikini Pictures Present a Fine Female Form in Bright Yellow

Definitely ‘deal’ any time Claudia Jordan shows up on the beach in one of her bright bikinis, flashing her all-there banging body, reminding many across the coast in L.A. that to err is human, but stop skipping meals to try and look hot. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a lady having a curvaceous body on her. I used to call it cushion for the pushing, you know, before I got kneed in the bobos by a girl who didn’t see the compliment.

I am a constantly evolving creature. I would so love if Claudia Jordan would help me get the rest of the way toward gentlemanhood. Nekkid, naturally. Enjoy.

Claudia Jordan and Nicole Murphy Bikini Vacation Together in Miami

We’ve seen much of Claudia Jordan the past few days flaunting about Miami Beach in her bikini, and there’s much more to be had as she spent the weekend changing between various bikinis (below), showing off her veteran hot body.

And Claudia was joined on her beach exhibitions by Nicole Murphy, who herself has quite the sleek physique. The two bosom buddies prancing about in their two pieces looking like the world is their oyster. Which, presumably it is. Enjoy.

Claudia Jordan Steps Out in a Green Bikini in Miami