Clare Richards

Clare Richards Is a Naturally Topless Talent

Clare Richards Topless Screencaps for Zoo January 2014
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I like girls who look like they’re having fun. There’s something to be said for that. Clare Richards looks like she’s having lots of fun in these captures from her new Zoo magazine video. I’m quite sure that I’m having fun watching her having fun. Especially when she’s doing so by removing her top and showing off one absolutely killer rack. Even Clare’s lower back tattoo seems to be reveling in its abandon.

On Thursdays, I like to think we can spend a few minutes celebrating the busty beauties that make our trains go round yet another bend, ever searching for the station. Clare Richards makes me want to be a better man, or, at least one who is more ambidextrous. Enjoy.

(If you’re so inclined, or just reclined, you can see Clare in motion in this sextastic video behind the scenes of her Zoo photoshoot.)

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Clare Richards Topless Pictures Are Trying to Tell You Something

Clare Richards Topless in ZIP Magazine April 2013
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By way of introduction, Clare Richards is a ridiculously hot new brunette glamour model featured in the latest edition of Zip magazine. And she had something written across her chest that is going to make me stare at her mesmerizing body until I figure out what it says. Granted, even if she had nothing written there, I’d still be eyeball-focused in that general vicinity.

Ah, boobs, glorious boobs. They truly make you understand the ‘gift’ of sight. Enjoy.