Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks Brings Her Golden Globes to the DGA Awards

I don’t even think the Director’s Guild of America Awards are televised, which is just as well, because who the fuck needs to watch another awards show, but when Christina Hendricks is there showing off her crazy cleavage, the full motion aspect of video is much appreciated. In fact, Christina Hendricks boobs are so spectacular, that I’d even sit through a million more boring speeches just to get another glimpse at them.

Golden Globes at the Golden Globes

Like all award shows, the Golden Globes basically sucked. Aside from a few good lines from the always great Ricky Gervais, I felt like smaking just about everyone else, except for Robert Downey Jr. But that doesn’t mean the night was a total loss, because one thing that you can usually count on at the Golden Globes is all the Golden Globes. And yes, I’m talking about boobs. The clear winner in the Best Boobs category was hands down Christina Hendricks, but othe nominees, Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Heather Graham, and Olivia Wilde looked pretty damn good, too.

Oh, and check out Lindsay Lohan actually looking hot and pretty, and not like a strung-out junkie trying to get her next fix. There might be hope for her yet.

Christina Hendricks Busts Out the Cleavage

I wanted to come up with a classy way to point out that Christina Hendricks has incredibly large breasts, but I’m not that clever, and frankly, it’s not a classy thing to do to begin with, so obviously, that didn’t work. Of course, it doesn’t really need to be pointed out. After all, her breasts are enormous. And awesome. Not quite sold on the makeup choice, though.

And yes, the dink is her husband. I know, it makes me want to kill myself too.

Christina Hendricks is Hotter Than Jessica Alba

I was all ready to leave those new Jessica Alba bikini pictures as the top post of the day, but then I saw these ridiculously sexy pictures of Christina Hendricks and her incredible cleavage from the new Esquire, and well, I think these pictures speak for themselves. If you don’t know Christina Hendricks, she plays the busty secretary on Mad Men, and she also played the busty space hooker on Firefly. In fact, it’s rare to find her in a role where she doesn’t play the busty something or other. And that’s just how we like it. Seriously, though, she’s so frickin’ hot!

Christina Hendricks: Best. Cleavage. Ever.

Mad Men star, Christina Hendricks, is a really great actress, and a really nice girl, too, and I want to be polite and respectful, but OH MY GOD will you look at that cleavage! It’s like staring into the light of creation. It’s so glorious and beautiful I’m scared my face will melt off my skull like that dude in Raiders of the Lost Arc. And as if that wasn’t enough, she’s also really pretty and a redhead. Yup, I knew it… My face is melting off.