Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera’s Nipples are Unstoppable


It will take more than just a flimsy piece of white cotton to keep Christina Aguilera’s nipples well and truly covered, especially considering that they will soon be put to use for more than just entertaining Christina’s doofus husband.

Of course, there’s still no official word on whether or not Christina Aguilera is actually pregnant, but if her belly isn’t enough of a clue for you, just look at her face. Her cheeks are getting bigger by the day, and from the looks of it, she’s using the entire make-up section at Bloomingdales to try and cover them up.

But back to Christina Aguilera’s nipples for a second. Do you think she took out her nipple rings now that she has a kid on the way? I’m pretty sure that nipple rings and breast feeding don’t go well together. At least not when the kid starts teething. Ouch.

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59th Annual Emmy Awards Mega Picture Post

Another year, another Emmy Awards ceremony, and another boring night spent in front of the TV. I really wish they’d outlaw award shows, instead of using the annual circle-jerk as a pathetic excuse to promote the new shows of the fall season.

At least there is the benefit of seeing all the most beautiful actresses getting dolled up for the night, even if they’re mostly nipped, tucked, botoxed and fried to within an inch of actually being considered human.

Not too many standouts this year, aside from maybe the girls from Heroes. Ali Larter and Kristen Bell were stunning as always, but what the hell Hayden Panettiere thought she was doing in that taupe tent of a dress she was wearing is beyond me. On the flip side, Eva Longoria‘s ass was looking particularly booty-licious.

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Christina Aguilera Milks Her Breasts for All They’re Worth

Now that Christina Aguilera is pregnant, her breasts have gotten even bigger than before, which I didn’t know was actually possible, given that she already had ridiculously large fake boobs. But I guess I’ve been proven wrong. Christina decided to show off just how insanely large her breasts are the other night, while out with her husband. Hey, a girl’s got to get attention somehow, right?

Okay, I have two questions. A) Can Christina actually breast-feed, even though she has fake breasts? I’m not sure how that works. 2) How does she manage to stand up straight without tipping over? Those boobs are huge, and she is not. I guess that’s why she’s holding onto her husband so tight. 3) Will her breast milk taste like rubber or saline? Gross.

Obviously, I can’t count, and that was three questions, but the point is, that’s gonna be one very confused kid.

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Christina Aguilera’s Breasts are a Good Distraction from Her Baby Bump

So, if you were trying to hide a baby bump, take a cue from Christina Aguilera and hide it in plain sight. All you need is an Empire-waist dress, and the most incredible cleavage ever.

Seriously, though, Christina Aguilera’s breasts, and that super-low neck line are more than enough to grab anyone’s attention. In fact, she probably doesn’t even need the billowing dress. She could wear a skin-tight leotard, and still nobody would be looking at her belly.

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Christina Aguilera is Pregnant and Braless

With all the rumours and all-out lies surrounding celebrity pregnancies, it’s nice (?) to finally have a confirmation on one. according to Page Six, Christina Aguilera is pregnant, and has begun announcing the news to her friends. Sources say she is at least three months along by now.

Rumors that Christina Aguilera is expecting a baby “are definitely true,” according to a well-placed Page Six source. “She’s been telling friends,” said one snitch, who revealed, “she has to be three months now, because she’s announcing it.” This would be the first for Aguilera and her husband, Jordan Bratman. In other baby news, we hear movie actress Jill Hennessy and her actor/bartender husband are expecting their second child. Reps for both wouldn’t comment.

From these pictures, it seems fairly obivous that she is, in fact, pregnant, what with the bump, and the way she’s trying to hide it from photographers. But the real question, and something I’ve always kind of wondered about is what happens to an expecting mother’s breasts when she has breast implants? I mean, where does the milk go with all that silicone in the way?

Also, maybe now would be a good time for Christina Aguilera to, you know, actually wear a bra…

Christina Aguilera looks like a High Class Hooker, Without the Class

You know, one of these days I’d love to see Christina Aguilera exercise a little restaint when choosing her outfits. The see-through white dress, white bra and black jacket ensemble, that barely covers her ass is just another example of Christina leaving nothing to the imagination.

Granted, she’s not out there flashing her baby-maker around town like Britney and Lindsay, but with outfits like these, you know it’s just a matter of time. Now where’s that guy with the bucket of water? I think this would be a perfect time for a wet T-shirt contest.

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Christina Aguilera is Crazy Curvy

As far as artificial, or alien lifeforms go, I’m pretty sure Christina Aguilera is their leader who has “come in peace,” but is waiting for the perfect moment to strike, and melt all our brains with some kind of raygun.

I mean look at her. She’s just like the alien lady from Mars Attacks, and I can’t believe that no one has put two and two together before. Maybe Tim Burton was really trying to warn us.

Seriously, take a closer look at these Christina Aguilera pics and just try and tell me she’s actually human. Ain’t gonna happen.

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