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Purported Christina Aguilera Sexy Pictures Provide Songbird Candid Hotness


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(Update: 12.09.10: Yep, it’s Christina, confirmed. Check out the quote from Aguilera’s camp on Celebuzz. They say pilfered, but they always say this; a P.R. stunt or indignant ex-husband seems a just as likely explanation.)
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Fire. Penecillin. The cameraphone. Perhaps the three most important technical leaps forward for mankind, not necessarily ranked in order of importance. If these photos are indeed Christina Aguilera, then she appears to be the latest and greatest diva to be sharing her walk-in-closet half-nakedness with the world via the ever reliable ‘anonymous friend’ as cameraman. These Christina Aguilera pictures seem to be shot around the time of the racy Not Myself Tonight music video and several months before her imminent divorce and other life changing events, showing the sexy diva both in her classic Marilyn look, but also depicting the ‘this is how I look in the morning, deal with it, guys’ pose. Personally, while I’ve had my ups and downs in terms of Xtina sexy, I’d take her both ways (I mean, take her looking both ways, not take her both ways, although…) because there’s still something special about a singer these days who can actually sing and I give her extra leeway in occasionally looking like a world-weary artist. Enjoy.

Note: thanks to Egotastic! fan ‘Chris M’ for locating this promo picture of Christina Aguilera in her home walk-in monster closet. It sure looks familiar.

Here’s the Not Myself video from Christina Aguilera in case you’ve not seen before:

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Christina Aguilera Sexitude Never Really Goes Out of Style

Divorce. Aging. Questionable musical directions. Bleh. Toss it all out. I still lust you to the nth degree, Christina Aguilera. Narrow down the list of pop star divas these days who can even hold a note, let alone belt out a ballad with sweet intonations, and look to Christina Aguilera as one of the sexiest in that crooning bunch. One solid decade of hotness, that’s a decent pedigree for the sextastic Hall of Fame. These Christina Aguilera pictures from this month’s InStyle magazine continue her rein somewhere on the list of most sexy really-singing divas, the likes of which may very well be fading from the landcaspe (so says this grumpy old man, now get off my lawn!) Enjoy.

Christina Aguilera Nude in GQ Germany

In color or black and white, there’s no denying that Christina Aguilera lingerie pictures hit just the right note. Albeit, calling these lingerie pictures misses the fact that Xtina, as she calls herself for some unfathomable reason, is pretty much sexy and naked in GQ Germany. Unlike so many of the crappy singers I cover on here because they’re just plain hot, Christina’s got serious pipes. Not that it matters, but when she sings naked for me, it won’t hurt that she’s on key, unlike Rihanna or Jennifer Lopez, who I would certainly allow to strip down, but without auto-tune and a team of sound engineers, no singing.

Jessica Alba is Gagged and Bound

So here’s one way of getting young voters’ attentions: Make a weird, kinky ad campaign featuring Jessica Alba in S&M gear, and bound in latex wraps. It will certainly get your kink level up, but I’m not sure how it’s supposed to get anyone to vote. The campaign is from the site, and is supposed to remid you that if you don’ vote, it’s the same as being silenced. Okay, but all I can think about is Jessica Alba in latex, strapped to my bed.

Amongst other celebs in the campaign, Christina Aguilera got her mouth sewn shut, which I think is just a brilliant thing to do in any situation.

Christina Aguilera is All Breast and Leg, Like a Bucket of Chicken

Christina Aguilera wants us to think she’s sexy. Sadly, she’s the farthest thing from it. Sure she’s got big boobs, and skinny legs, but she’s also got a ton of make-up plastered on, and hair so bleached and brittle a calm wind could snap it. Oh, and those boobs are fake (in case you didn’t already know that). And yet, there is still this fascination with crazily curvaceous form. But I think it’s kind of like a car crash. Even though you don’t want to, you just have to look.

Anyway, here’s Christina Aguilera on her way to promote her latest whore perfume. I wonder if wearing it does the same thing that those Joker cosmetics did in the first Batman movie. She sure does look like Jack Nicholson did…

Photo credit: Splash News / Flynet / INF Photo

Christina Augilera Nude. As In Completely Naked


I have no idea where this Christina Aguilera nude picture came from, or how old it is, but I know I’ve never seen it before, and that makes it new to me. Also, I don’t think I should really need a reason to post pictures of Christina Aguilera naked. I believe the picture was taken by David Lachapelle, but other than that, I’m at a loss. Not that it matters. You know she’s naked, right?

Update: So this picture is from the September 2004 issue of Interview magazine, and also features Pamela Anderson. Now, some people are saying Christina Aguilera’s nipples have been photoshopped into the image, but I’m not sure that’s the case. First, Interview is a notoriously hard magazine to scan, because of the paper quality. Second, the full image is rather low-res, and if indeed the cropped version is from a different scan, at higher resolution, it could well be legit. But I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Christina Aguilera’s Breasts Are Scaring Me

Okay, Christina Aguilera really needs to put her breasts away. Things are starting to get out hand. Of course, it’s not just Christina’s breasts that are scaring me, but I’d just rather not evern think about her scary clown face, if that’s okay with you. From the veins to the really gross folds around her exploding implants, Xtina is looking worse than ever, and I didn’t that was even possible.

But there is an upside to her fake boobs. From the looks of it, those things aren’t just filled with milk, silicone and saline. Pop the tap and you’ve got your choice of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange Crush, and Nestea. And I think the beer on tap is Miller Light. All drinks are obviously Large.

Photo credit: WENN