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Christina Aguilera sports some major camel toe. (Celebuzz)

Liv Tyler is coming back in a big and sexy way. (HuffPo)

Julianne Hough and other hot celebrities in bikinis. (FoxNews)

Kim Kardashian asstastic is real and it's spectacular. (TMZ)

How to shower with a hot chick. (CollegeHumor)

Cameron Diaz looking leggy. (FABlife)

Blast from the past, Elizabeth Berkley, in tiny bikini. (SocialiteLife)

An Angelic Looking Christina Aguilera Covered Topless in W Magazine

Yes, Christina's hair is eerily reminiscent of a Dee Snider wig. Yes, the airbrushers have removed most traces of the Edward 40-hands caused side saddles Christina's been toting about lately. And, yes, Christina is using a blankie to cover up our very favorite parts in this angelic pictorial for W magazine. Still... Christina Aguilera will always have vaunted alumni status on Egotastic! for both her long run of hot looks and her unique ability to actually be a pop singer who can sing. Enjoy.

Christina Aguilera Brings Out the Big Guns for the Gay Walk of Fame

Now, nobody has made more lazy and empty gestures to advance the cause of gay rights than yours truly. In particular, I've been touting the specialness of lesbionic lust for years now; two hot women laying down nekkid on a bear skin rug pouring champagne over each other's heaving bosoms as they prepare for a night of sweaty Sapphic making of the sexy. This ought to be an absolute right if you ask me. And it ought be televised.

And, speaking of heaving bosoms and gay rights, not to mention about a four cocktails head start on the party, Christina Aguilera was awarded a star on the Gay Walk of Fame from The Abbey in West Hollywood, and, you could see her ever growing funbags swelling with pride, and, well, that made the evening all very worthwhile. I'm not exactly sure what's happening with Christina these days since the divorce and drunken public stupors and such, but, whatever is happening, I hope it continues to happen with revealing tops. You go, girl. Enjoy.

The Friday Four: Must See Pictures of Vanessa Hudgens, Christina Aguilera, Chelsea Handler, and Michelle Hunziker

It's been quite a week for the former Disney starlet turned Internet self-photographer turned Sucker Punch movie launcher, all of which led her on to the Conan O'Brien show where the newly minted 'all-grow'd up' Vanessa Hudgens flashed some upskirt for the nationwide audience. Actually kind of a demure pose for Vanessa, all things considered.

Speaking of tough weeks, or months, or maybe even the past year, Christina Aguilera has been through the entire celebrity shame spiral, but, through it all, she remains a vocalist a good league beyond her peers and with an ogle-worthy rack, as in this promo photo for her new show, 'The Voice".

Yes, yes, I know. She's not funny. And that laugh track played over her live audience over her tired Britney Spears jokes and the Madame Tussuad level make-up job and banging the head of E! to get ahead, yes, I get it. But, some of you still lust Chelsea Handler. And, well, celebrity nipple pokes are ogle-worthy. So, for some of you out there -- go to town.

I lust Michelle Hunziker. The Swiss-German-Italian border blonde hottie TV hostess and model. I'm not sure why she hasn't blown up more worldwide, but her pictures in this months Sette magazine are a solid reason why every man, woman loving woman, and suckling child on this planet ought dig the heck out of Michelle.

Purported Christina Aguilera Sexy Pictures Provide Songbird Candid Hotness


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(Update: 12.09.10: Yep, it's Christina, confirmed. Check out the quote from Aguilera's camp on Celebuzz. They say pilfered, but they always say this; a P.R. stunt or indignant ex-husband seems a just as likely explanation.)
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Fire. Penecillin. The cameraphone. Perhaps the three most important technical leaps forward for mankind, not necessarily ranked in order of importance. If these photos are indeed Christina Aguilera, then she appears to be the latest and greatest diva to be sharing her walk-in-closet half-nakedness with the world via the ever reliable 'anonymous friend' as cameraman. These Christina Aguilera pictures seem to be shot around the time of the racy Not Myself Tonight music video and several months before her imminent divorce and other life changing events, showing the sexy diva both in her classic Marilyn look, but also depicting the 'this is how I look in the morning, deal with it, guys' pose. Personally, while I've had my ups and downs in terms of Xtina sexy, I'd take her both ways (I mean, take her looking both ways, not take her both ways, although...) because there's still something special about a singer these days who can actually sing and I give her extra leeway in occasionally looking like a world-weary artist. Enjoy.

Note: thanks to Egotastic! fan 'Chris M' for locating this promo picture of Christina Aguilera in her home walk-in monster closet. It sure looks familiar.

Here's the Not Myself video from Christina Aguilera in case you've not seen before:

Christina Aguilera Sexitude Never Really Goes Out of Style

Divorce. Aging. Questionable musical directions. Bleh. Toss it all out. I still lust you to the nth degree, Christina Aguilera. Narrow down the list of pop star divas these days who can even hold a note, let alone belt out a ballad with sweet intonations, and look to Christina Aguilera as one of the sexiest in that crooning bunch. One solid decade of hotness, that's a decent pedigree for the sextastic Hall of Fame. These Christina Aguilera pictures from this month's InStyle magazine continue her rein somewhere on the list of most sexy really-singing divas, the likes of which may very well be fading from the landcaspe (so says this grumpy old man, now get off my lawn!) Enjoy.

Christina Aguilera Nude in GQ Germany

In color or black and white, there's no denying that Christina Aguilera lingerie pictures hit just the right note. Albeit, calling these lingerie pictures misses the fact that Xtina, as she calls herself for some unfathomable reason, is pretty much sexy and naked in GQ Germany. Unlike so many of the crappy singers I cover on here because they're just plain hot, Christina's got serious pipes. Not that it matters, but when she sings naked for me, it won't hurt that she's on key, unlike Rihanna or Jennifer Lopez, who I would certainly allow to strip down, but without auto-tune and a team of sound engineers, no singing.