Christie Brinkley

Irina Shayk and Christie Brinkley Highlight the Hotness at the S.I. Swimsuit 50th Anniversary Party

I’m not even going to begin to speculate the means by which Christie Brinkley looks so incredible at age sixty, I’m merely going to appreciate, ogle, and imagine she’s my mom and I have a bad tummy ache that needs rubbing. It’s really something out of the inexplicable handbook of hotness. You throw in the sextastic poses of Irina Shayk in a super tight dress and suddenly you have a party.

Officially, a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editions of their magazine. Hard to believe that was once a radical idea for a sports magazine has blossomed into something so wonderfully for leering each and every February. People who complain about modern times have no clue what life was like before you could see wicked hot women in tiny bikinis at the newsstand. It must have been truly awful times. Enjoy.

Ireland Baldwin and Kate Upton Cleavage Battle at S.I. Swimsuit Party (While Christie Brinkley Just Looks Amazing)

Wow, could it be that Ireland Baldwin out-cleavaged Kate Upton at a public event? It would be earth shattering news, and I’m not sure that is even humanly possible, but Ireland Baldwin certainly showed up proud and chest-showy to the Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversay party, taking on Kate Upton at her own game, albeit, in a dress Kate could probably not survive without an R-rating herself due to funbag gravitational pull.

Both sextastic young ladies looked outrageously hot at the event, while a woman old enough to easily be their mom, Christie Brinkley, nearly stole the entire event with her age-defying alluring blonde charms. I’m not exactly sure how she does it, but she done did it, and stood alongside Ireland and Kate and still getting just as many leers and lecherous looks. Just one smoking evening with three ladies I’d love to play strip ping-pong with, that is my natural sport. Enjoy.

Christie Brinkley Veteran Cleavy Goodness Outside the Today Show

Christie Brinkley just keeps on keeping on, and she surely wants you to notice. The 59-year old former supermodel couldn’t possibly show more cleavage than she did leaving The Today Show in a dress that might often be reserved for somebody half her age. But she wears it rather well you might say.

Oh, sure, there have been a few enhancements to the Brinkley body parts, but there’s no doubt that you’d  chase her around the beach with your eyes if she came sauntering by. I might chase her around period. She’s still working some kind of voodoo magic. Enjoy.

Christie Brinkley Is Nearly Sixty And Still Crazy Hot

I don’t know what kind of black magic Christie Brinkley utilizes to keep herself looking ever so alluring as she approaches her 60th birthday, but if a few German kids in the Black Forest have to go missing as a sacrifice to keep Christie looking like she does, so be it. We can always make more children, but making another wicked fine looking woman for going on four decades now, that only comes around rarely in human evolutionary history.

At some froufrou party the other night in New York, Christie flashes her dancer model legs, still the hottest for any AARP member I know. Not to mention the looks of a woman half her age. Oh, how I’d love to explore and approximate the age on the other parts beneath the pink. For strictly scientific purposes, naturally. Enjoy.

Well Hello Sextastic Sandwich Fantasy! Christie Brinkley Visits Maria Menounos on the Set of Extra

I think everybody is well aware of just how ridiculously hot Christie Brinkley continues to shine in the sextastic sky even as she hits some unbelievable years of age. It’s some kind of deal she made with the devil that involved having sex with Billy Joel and that bought her eternal  youth or something like that. Not sure I’d make that deal myself, but Christie did, thank god, so we get to see her veteran hotness perched right astride Grecian princess Maria Menounos, the two girls giggling it up at The Grove on the set of Extra in an entirely innocent scene that somehow has me thinking nothing but X-rated thoughts (wait, does the use of foreign objects always now receive the triple X rating?).

The mere hint of the notion of the whisper of a thought of the trifecta of Christie Brinkley and Maria Menounos and myself at my Motel 6 hideaway with nothing but a Costco bulk sized bag of Circus Peanuts and a handwritten posted sign that forbids clothing for the weekend is more than enough to send me reaching for my calming tonics.

Oh, my. Two generations of super hotties. It does not get better than that. Enjoy.

Christie Brinkley Gets Hotter and Hotter, We Get —-er and —-er

It’s ever so wrong when a woman Christie Brinkley age looks this ridiculously hot. And by ever so wrong we mean it’s absolutely driving us to the brink of passion induced insanity. Caught coming out of the theater where she performs Chicago, Christie looked downright bodacious.

What kind of sextastic older woman would want to create all sorts of these uncomfortable feelings in much younger men? A naughty one, that’s what I say. A very naughty mom in need of a spanking. But, I digress, or do I?

Christie, just please, either stop it, or, you know, gives us much more. Enjoy.


Elle MacPherson vs. Christie Brinkley in Fabulous 40′s and 50′s Hotness Showdown

Crazy Mama Hot!

Seriously, there is nothing hotter than a world-wise dame. And talk about your veteran sexiness, both Elle MacPherson, at 48, and Christie Brinkley, at 58, we’re on full hot MILF display today at different venues, but the effects were the same — spank me mommy, I’ve been a very bad boy.

Elle Macpherson, one of our true wunderlusts, was in Cannes pimping something or other related to the Fashion Star project, of which we care little, but we do care immensely for her super hotness in a stripety dress that gave us all kinds of female Tigger fantasies. JUST SO DAMN HOT.

Christie Brinkley I don’t even understand how she looks this good at her age, pimping her own sob divorce story I believe on The Today Show, and looking like she could reprise her iconic role of 30 years ago in National Lampoon’s Vacation and it’d still be believable. Personally speaking, I’d still drive off the road checking her out. JUST SO DAMN DELICIOUS.

Two mature ladies. Two super amazing looking women. It’s almost too too much for a boy to handle. Enjoy.