Chloe Green

Chloe Green Topless on Her Daddy’s Yacht (A Redux from Yesterday)

Chloe Green Topless in a Bikini on a Yacht in St. Barts
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Thanks to EgoReader ‘Bob’ for pointing out that that topless delight next to Kate Moss on the yacht in St. Bart’s was none other than yacht owner Philip Green’s daughter, Chloe Green. At first glance, I honestly didn’t recognize those sweet big yams as belonging to the retail magnates daughter for the complimentary reason that Chloe is looking so good these days, perhaps a little on the baby fat side in the past, and never before topless that we’ve seen.

I’m pretty sure she was actually dating the older divorcee Marc Anthony last year, though I think that’s over. Three cheers for the British Topshop heiress and her impressive racktastic. Only good things happen on yachts, in my mind at least. Enjoy.

Chloe Green Bikini Pictures Reveal a Slendering Heiress

Topshop heiress Chloe Green seems to be doing quite fine with her recent reported fling with Marc Anthony. Maybe it’s all the recently divorced guy making of the sexy time, but Chloe Green is definitely thinning out quite nicely for a wealthy girl who I would marry in a heartbeat.

Prancing around Miami in an undersized bikini, Chloe now holds her own in terms of heiress walks. A good week by the way for British wealthy offspring, including Tamara Ecclestone taking off her clothes for Playboy. Could Chloe be next? Hmm, never say never. Enjoy.

Chloe Green Wears a Tiny Bikini to the Beach in Barbados

Chloe Green Bikini Pictures Because Our Passion Runs Deeper Than Just Her Heiress Billions

Sure, it’d be nice to hook up with a girl whose dad is worth billions in a retail clothing empite, but it’d be even nicer to hook up with a rich girl with some plump chest puppies to motorboat while imagining how wintering in the Riviera aboard a yacht might be.

Said heiress, Chloe Green, was in Barbados for her family’s annual Christmas retreat to the islands for some sun and fun and for Chloe to show that despite a lean toward plumpness, the 21-year old fortunate daughter can maintain herself for the holidays, and, besides, what’s a few fun cushions between you and a girl who can buy your a Lamborghini for your birthday? Enjoy.

Chloe Green Bikini Pictures For the Heiress Goes to Barbados Winter Win

If you’re outside the U.K. as we are thanks to some silly old things called laws and court orders and arrest warrants and such, you may not have heard of Chloe Green, heiress daughter to retail clothing bigwig Phillip Green, a notoriously crude and gruff chap who still managed to produce a pretty hot daughter, as these rich dudes always seem to do. Like her fellow heiresses (and to be fair, Chloe does run a shoe line or something at her daddy’s stores), Chloe spends winters in global hotspots soaking up the sun and having casual sex with some rapscallion fellow lounging class boys (we can’t confirm the latter, we’re just going off peer-history) and trying her best to look good in a bikini in, in this case, Barbados. 

We give Chloe Green a solid A-for-effort in her swimwear reveals. It’s not easy being an heiress. Enjoy.