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Cheryl Cole and Paula Abdul Provide Inter-Generational Hotness in Red for Fox Upfronts

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something red.

The X-factor chick judges made a statement in short red dresses at the Fox Upfronts presentation in New York and I believe those statements are:

Cheryl Cole: I’m going to use my young hotness to make you Yanks cover me with many dollar bills.

Paula Abdul: I may be approaching 50, but between working out, silicon work, and just being plain pickled, I’m still the party girl you know you want at 2am.

Give it up for the commercial genius that is Simon Cowell in putting together his lineup for the U.S. debut of his show. He’s going to make himself something equivalent to the Gross National Product of a small nation on this puppy. Enjoy.

Cheryl Cole Flashes Her Hot Cleavage in Cannes

I’m not sure America is quite ready for the European hotness that is Cheryl Cole, but they’d better get ready because X-Factor is going big time live in the U.S. shortly and Cheryl Cole and her ability to look ridiculously hot is coming as well. Just take a gander at the fantastic funbag display of awesomeness on the red carpet at some Cannes film premiere earlier today by this Newcastle singer/dancer/hottie. Wow times deux. America, are you really ready for Cheryl Cole? Personally, I am drooling with anticipation. Enjoy.

Seacrest’s Sea Breasts

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Elle Style Awards Give Up An Almost-Nipple Slip from Cheryl Cole, Cleavage from Blake Lively, and Hotness from Emma Watson

Damn you, boob tape. Damn you straight to hell. I’m kind of angry at this new boob tape phenomenon, hot female celebrities double-sided taping up their nipples to their dresses, backstop coverage for what might otherwise by great nipple slips, now, lost forever to the horrendous horror of modesty and public decency. Nevertheless, Cheryl Cole did look smoking hot at last night’s Elle Style Awards, even sans nipples as I ogle blindly into her top. I’d like her to judge my X-factor, if you know what I’m saying (and I don’t really know what I’m saying). Along with Cheryl Cole, some outstanding sextastic celebrity mentions are due Blake Lively, my Gossip Girl beauty who looked simply hot, and Emma Watson, having quite a week, looking just about the best she has since she lopped off her beautiful ginger locks. I may know nothing about fashion style (not a ‘may’, I know nothing), but I do know celebrity hotness, and these three stole the show. Enjoy.

Photo credit: / Splash News /

Cheryl Cole Flashes Sexy Sideboob Sophistication at the National Television Awards

Cheryl Cole nee Tweedy (or Tweedy nee Cole or Cole-Tweedy, or whatever it is these days) looked sweet sextastic and bondage kind of hot at the National Television Awards across the Pond last evening, flashing some nice sideboob and hot body and all kinds of pop diva sexy on the red carpet. I’m in lust all over again over this amazing looking X-Factor judge. Enjoy.

Photo credit: / Splash News

Cheryl Cole Sexy Promo Pictures Just Upping the British Hotness Score

Did I just say like an hour ago that Una Healy is perhaps my hottest U.K. pop star of the moment? Hmm, well, amend that to ‘one of them’ after seeing these latest Cheryl Cole sexy promo pictures for her upcoming album. Wow. Again, not tons of skin (boo), but tons of super female hotness from yet another pop diva whose music I will only find someday on my iPod when my girlfriend tells me she’s trying to expand my musical understanding by randomly dropping auto-tuned dance club crap onto my music player. Still, if I close my ears and block out the music, I can picture Cheryl Cole looking all kinds of hot, like in these pictures, and whispering to me, ‘Come to my house and we’ll get naked and listen to some Zeppelin.’ (Very not boo). Enjoy.