Cheryl Cole

Weekly Sextastic Twitpic Round Includes Maria Menounos, Sara Jean Underwood, the Hottie Trio of ‘Spring Breakers’ and Many More Self-Pic Celebs

In a day and age when all the publicists in the world are wrenching their Botox taut faces trying to get their clients to stop playing with their cell phone cameras, the girls of Hollywood just keep right on self-pic'ing. Naughty girls need love too, and they'll will find it themselves if it's not coming to them; there's nothing like some Twitpics to do just the trick.

This week's roundup of the best of the self-published sextastic celebrity pics includes offerings of dancing workout goodness from Maria Menounos, a celebration of National Cleavage Day from Sara Jean Underwood, many more private bikini pics from Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Benson on the set of Spring Breakers, Kari Byron white tank top goodness, Katrina Law wonderments, and many many more. You really owe it to yourself to check out the personal works of some of the hotter women of Tinsel Town. Enjoy.

Cheryl Cole Back and Boobtastic in L.A. Filming Music Video

How brave is Cheryl Cole? Well, she was filming her new music video in the L.A. flood basin during the rain, which has swept away far less hot people than herself during past periods of precipitation.

Thankfully, Cheryl survived, which allowed us to peep her hotness in her sports bra top and leg baring little outfits, reminding us that we don't really care a whit how she sings, she's so damn hot. Go, Cheryl. Enjoy.

Cheryl Cole Sexy Reveals on the Red Carpet and Other Fine Things to Ogle

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Cheryl Cole Steals the Show at Pride of Britain Awards

Oh, yes, there were other hot celebs at the Pride of Britain Awards, but none stood up to the awesome display of pure red carpet stealing hotness offered up by Cheryl Cole, who once again proved that super hot girls look good even with clothes on, in fact, it's their second best possible look. The Girls Aloud singer turned fired X-Factor judge is getting the best kind of revenge on her doubter possible -- just looking amazing and putting it right back in their face. Or other body parts. With her 2012 Calendar out now, and this stunning look at the PoB Awards last night, Cheryl Cole is making a claim to the royal sextastic throne that can not be ignored. Not that you'd want to. Enjoy.

Cheryl Cole Provides A Full Twelve Months of Hotness in 2012 Calendar

We've brought you some dribs and drabs preview of the highly anticipated 2012 edition of the Cheryl Cole calendar, but here is the entire month-by-month hotness of the sextastic singer and short-lived X-Factor (U.S.) judge (before being unceremoniously dumped for her accent, which, many of us Yanks happen to find quite enthralling, for the record).

Dumping ridiculously hot women from your T.V. show seems like an inherently lousy idea, even if replacing them with sexy-by-her-own-account Nicole Scherzinger. I guess we'll have twelve glorious calendar months to sort this all out. Enjoy.

Don't forget to be the first awesome dude on your block to purchase the Cheryl Cole 2012 Calendar, all hard copy and sleeky and wall-hangy perfect.